Hi, I’m Janine!

And I have a secret to share with you…

I am a tad bit obsessed with food, fashion, beauty, travel, and, of course, happy hour! Oh, and I may be a fitness and nutrition guru too! Having been in the health and wellness profession for most, okay all, of my career, I wanted to share my passion for other interests & hobbies outside of my “squats, lunges, push-ups, and educating on how to live a moderate lifestyle” claim to fame.

I wanted to showcase the side of me – my “good side” of course – who is a foodie, fashionista, beauty connoisseur, travel nut, and loves a good coffee shop & happy hour!

Hence my blog was born!

And, by the way, you will come to find out that I have champagne taste on an IPA beer budget. And I am a really good dancer. And I should not be giving financial advice!

A native from Baltimore, Maryland, I currently live in McLean, Virginia with my husband, Matt. WhenI am not sitting behind my MacBook, you can find me shopping & dining in trendy Tysons Corner, Georgetown, and Bethesda, hanging with my amazing family, working out, drinking all the coffee, keeping my skin health in check so I do not need to start getting Botox, happy hours, putting together my next travel itinerary, and just living MY BEST LIFE!

Because life is way too short to not live in the moment, enjoy what you have worked so hard for, and have super cute shoes too! Yes, I am still trying to convince my husband that the super cute shoes are an absolute MUST!

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P.S. A huge thank you to Daria ShawVioleta Meyners Photography, and Matt Ryb for the professional photos you will find throughout my site.