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A BEAUTY-FUL Christmas!


Hi there gorgeous! How are you on this BEAUTY-FUL Thursday? In Baltimore, we are digging out for a snow/ice event that started yesterday, and ended early this morning. Snow is one thing; ice is another…and people who are not comfortable with driving in it should not be on the road!!! I say that with the utmost sincerity too!

It’s crazy to think we are 1 week away from Christmas Eve! AHH! If my list is correct, today I, finally, finished up the last gift, after 2 failed attempts for this person’s, actual, gift to arrive. Ugh, MAIL! Speaking of which, I have a handful of items that are waiting to be delivered too. Luckily, everything I have is wrapped, and those items that I am waiting on already have their boxes, tissues, and bows ready to make them look perfect!

Or, should I say, BEAUTY-FUL! Is that getting old?

As I have been sharing, since December 1st, I have debuted my “19 Days of Christmas” on social media. Today, on “Day 17,” I am talking about all things beauty!! While I have done many posts on my favorite beauty products, these very items I am touting are the perfect gift, or even stocking stuffer, for those in your life who just love to pamper themselves!

You ready to pick out those last minute items?!?! Enjoy!


Spongelle Body Wash Infused Buffer: This may be one of my favorite items that I tried out a couple months ago! I received it in my monthly Boxy Charm subscription and I, instantly, fell in love!!! This is an all in one body wash & buffer that cleanses, moisturizes, and just gives your skin an overall glow! And, I may be a bit obsessed with the scents too! You can purchase for men and women, and they are great for travel as well. They even come in a travel size, which is AWESOME!

Avene “Cicalfate” Hand Creme: Between the cold weather months, and hand sanitizer, my hands are wrecked! I guess I will never be a hand model. We can talk all day about my dry skin and ugly fingers BUT I will save you that one! The Avene line of products has been recommended by dermatologists and my plastic surgeon – stop, I go there for cosmetic work to improve old scarring – and it, truly, has been a game changer! It restores, protects, nourishes, and just AMAZING. Seriously, I do not know another product that works just like this one!

Berodin Body Exfoliation Kit: Are you ready for your body to feel like a baby’s bottom? Oh, this Berodin Body Exfoliation Kit will renew, recharge, and nourish your skin! While it is intended for pre and post waxing, I use a handful of times of week! I am a fan of glycolic acid for its beneficial properties, and the added benefit of the exfoliating gloves are just fabulous…if I do say so myself!

Bobbi Brown Face Base: Whether this is used as a moisturizer OR on top as a base before your makeup, this has been a fabulous addition to my skin prep. I had so many people share with me their love for this product, and, you know what I had to do…CHECK IT OUT MYSELF! If the smell does not captivate you, then, I give up! Lol! Seriously, it is a great base for your makeup!

Dermalogica Antioxidant Hydramist: Whether you spritz post cleansing or makeup, or if you just need a refresh, I LOVE this hydramist to, literally, hydrate and prevent dryness. The travel size version is amazing too, especially when flying!

Disclosure: While all thoughts and opinions are my own, this post contains some affiliate links in which I may be compensated (at not cost to you). This compensation helps with keeping my blog up and running, and creating amazing content to share! I cannot thank you enough for your support, feedback, and following! You are the best!

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