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Why This Blazer Is Life, Plus Feeling Normal Again


Happy Sunday, and 4th of July Weekend! How have you been ringing in the “red, white, and blue?” I know I have been a faithful girlfriend to my boyfriend, Mr. MacBook Air, and I did manage to pull myself away to make a few recipes for my upcoming blog posts. Oh, and I have “dressed up” by trying on some really fun outfits I purchased to showcase in upcoming content. I am doing what I can to stimulate the economy. Boo-yah. Okay, and I may have gotten a spray tan this morning too. Yes, that is as exciting as things get right now! One of the items I purchased to showcase today is this fabulous blazer that can be summed up in one work – LIFE.

I will get back to the blazer, but first…let’s talk about getting a little dressed up, and how being social (again) is just good for your soul. Last week, I went out, post-pictures, for a celebratory drink/business meeting. Was it good to see familiar faces, and catch up with people who you had not seen in while? Absolutely! Was there a vibe that you could just not put your finger on? Uh huh.

First, it is still really weird to see people in masks, especially when getting served. I am such a people person, and I thrive on personality, smiles, infectious laughs, etc. Yes, the masks have forced me to look at people in the eye when talking – well, that is really nothing new for me (hello, it is politeness people) – but their expressions are now needing to be viewed from their eyebrows. I know, random, but relative, and, ugh, I hope not our “new norm.”

Plus, half the time it is hard for me to hear what they are saying. That, and, I am going old. Boo.

Most of the restaurant looked like it was under construction. Half of the lights off, chairs and tables pushed into corners, or stacked in private rooms, etc. I think my heart broke a little. Here, a vibrant, trendy, and FUN restaurant and atmosphere is doing an EXCELLENT job given the circumstances, but I cannot imagine being on the other side. Yes, I supported them as much as possible, via curbside, but it still must be downright hard. While I sat at the socially distant bar, the outside section may have a better feel. Nothing has really changed except it being in HOT demand! The sweet manager, who always makes a point to chat, said they are usually booked solid for lunch and dinner. This filled my heart a little more!

Needless to say, I walked away knowing that I have to do more of this, to get my groove back on, and remind those who have been so good to me that I have their back and will do what I can!

Let’s change gears and go back to talking about the topic at hand today – why this blazer I am sporting is life!

I am really trying to change up my look. Yes, it is ever-evolving but I am getting into a groove right now, and I really freaking like the direction my style is heading. Ha! My goal is to get on a billboard in Baltimore. I know, goals! 


I am just a tad bit obsessed with this look I put together! There is something about a BLAZER and some skinny jeans that make you look chic, sophisticated, and your legs a little longer! Plus, it is such a versatile look and a piece you can have forever!Dressed-Up-Janine-Bougie

L’Agence may just be my new favorite line! I was introduced at Sassanova in Baltimore and, I am telling you, beyond the blazer, these may be the only jeans I ever purchase again! As for size, I am still trying to figure this out. I went up one size and they fit beautifully but not super skinny by any means! Make sure to reference the size guide on the L’Agence website.

There are not enough words to say about this  “Kenzie Double Breasted Blazer”! One of the nicest blazers I have ever owned. Actually, per my ever evolving look, blazers were not something I ever really gravitated towards. When I tried this on, it just spoke to me, and this pale pink color is just stunning & compliments everything. While I am sure there will be another one or two in my future, for now, I am going to feel like a bougie bad ass girl boss walking into my next corporate meeting. Well, it may just mean I have to wear it via Zoom for now.


Alrighty YOU! Hope you have an amazing “Sunday Funday!” You can shop the full look, below! Just a reminder, you will be getting the details on my accessories SOON!

Stay tuned, stay safe, and keep it classy!


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