How to Bring Pizzaz to Your Kitchen


Happy Last Day of September beautiful! Hope you are doing something beyond fabulous! It’s hard to believe tomorrow is the start of a new month, and the Fall season is underway. I don’t know why but I have felt very compelled to do a post on bringing pizzaz to your kitchen. I think it’s because this is the time of year where cooking is at its height, and the Holiday’s mean a whole lot of entertaining! Here’s hoping this will happen this year!

How to Bring Pizzaz to Your Kitchen

Since I have struggled to get this blog post up for the world to see, I am pressing the “easy button” to start. Last week, I did a whole series on my favorite coffee accoutrements, and I talked about 2 items that, well, will bring a LOT of pizzaz to your kitchen – the Stagg Electric Pour Over Kettle and the Stagg Mighty Pour-Over Set. You can get all the scoop – a coffee scoop that is (get it?) by taking a peek at my blog post “Let’s Brew Tonight” to get all the details!

Next up, two items from a company that emphasizes food, culture, and connection – Our Place. I highly recommend you take a peek at the site to not only see all they have to offer but to read more about this inspiring story!

I was introduced to the “Always Pan” a couple months ago after I was gifted the bowls I am about to tout too! FYI: This pan comes in 9 different colors, and while they are ALL beautiful, I chose “spice” because it matches the beautiful bowls too! This pan, truly, is an all in one; actually, an 8-in-1. Its purpose is to replace 8 of your traditional cooking pieces, as well as it being a decorative talking point too. Trust me, it looks great on your stove – it works with any (induction too) – and on your table as a dinner centerpiece!

Here is what it is intended to replace (so ideal for those of us with minimal storage space): fry pan, saute pan, steamer, skillet, saucier (what is that btw?), saucepan, non-stick pan, spatula, and spoon rest. Yes, I may have not done a great job capturing that part of the pan! Think of all the amazing dishes you can create! Speaking of which, here is how you can use it: braise, sear, steam, strain, saute, fry, boil, serve, store, and the list goes on!

And, at a price point of $145, it makes for a great gift for the newlyweds, a cooking fiend, or even yourself! 🙂

Now, for these amazing set of 4 side bowls! Not only do they match the beautiful pan I just chatted about but they stack for easy storage too. Great for soup, salads, or even cereal! They come in 2 different colors, not including the “spice” one I am showcasing, as well as the option for 8 side bowls. It is comprised of a hand painted matte base and speckled top that is lightweight, durable, and scratch resistant.

Finally, these “Tarpon Bowls” by Jayson Home are a lovely addition to your table. Made in Chicago, each one of these one-of-a-kind pieces is made of clay, speckled with blue, and available in 5 different sizes. I will tell that you the photos make the sizes seem bigger than what they actually are when you receive (hence why paying attention to the dimensions is key). The one I have is in “large,” and would make for a perfect salad plate on top of some beautiful navy matte dishes. I have it sitting out, and it looks lovely as a decoration in my kitchen.

Disclosure: While all thoughts and opinions are my own, this post contains some affiliate links in which I may be compensated (at not cost to you). This compensation helps with keeping my blog up and running, and creating amazing content to share! I cannot thank you enough for your support, feedback, and following! You are the best!

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