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Chanel Meets Pucci


Disclaimer: The title of this blog post – Chanel Meets Pucci – is not affiliated with any of the designers. It is simply my thoughts, observations, and love of fashion! 

I have become a bit of an accessory hoarder lately. Eww, I got to say, I don’t even like to use the word “hoarder” because it is, quite frankly, the very opposite of who I am. Call me neat, organized, clean (come on people, we all should be this way), and you get my point. It used to be I would buy an outfit and wait to get shoes, jewelry, purse/clutch, and anything else that would fit the ensemble. Now it is “I will take this outfit and pair it with these earrings and this clutch. Oh, now I can buy the shoes I had my eye on to complete the look.”

Do I know how to spend money? Umm, ya. Was I tired of never having the right “something” to go with it? You betcha! While I am digging this new philosophy, my bank account may be wondering “wtf.”

I should spend a whole week or two on the accessories that I have accumulated. Since Covid-19 happened, I have a whole new wardrobe – yes, I needed it  (does that sound convincing) – and a whole bunch of new “plus one’s” to be showcasing. As my Mom recently said to me – you really need to be going on a whole bunch a dates with the clothing you have purchased. She’s right, but then it would be a decision on what outfit, what accessory, what pair of shoes, etc. Ha! 

I want to share 2 items that I have been obsessed with and are, hands down, my Summer favorites! Not only are they classic but they have a “Chanel Meets Pucci” vibe that I just adore!

If you like wearing your labels on your heart, sleeve, or even as a statement on your ears, then you need to check out this company right now! Yes, I command you to do it! I was introduced to the brand, Shiver + Duke, through my Baltimore “go-to” boutique, Sassanova. I was immediately drawn to the Chanel inspired earrings, and then it spiraled into a fabulous bracelet, and two different sets of necklaces. Trust me, when you see the selection, it will be hard to just pick one!

All of their “designer” items are made from repurposed buttons! How cool is THAT?!?!


Another reason I gravitated towards this brand is because of the fabulous story! I love that it is family built, and inspired by a daughter’s vision to go into business with her mother. The company’s brand name is derived from a family lineage but is, also, the name of the designer/owner’s 2 children. Ah, I LOVE IT!

Here are some of the other pieces I own from this designer! Shiver-Duke-Accessory

And, yes, I have my eye on a LOT of other pieces too. Hey not just for me, but for gifts as well!

Now that we met “Chanel,” it’s time to meet “Pucci.” The minute I saw these showcased on the Sassanova website, I knew I had to snag a pair of these Gaimo “Runni” Jute Sport Shoes from Spain. And, while they say they have an animal print bow, don’t they look exactly like a Pucci printed scarf? My parents purchased one for me when they were in Vegas 10+ years ago and it is quite the statement piece, just like these beauties! Sassannova-Accessory-Shoes

Ivory in color, these pair beautifully with jeans, rompers, dresses, shorts, etc! They are 100% natural leather, handmade, and they are ridiculously comfortable too. They do run a bit small so I encourage sizing up just in case. High quality, high fashion, and worth every bit of the $160. 


FYI: Find a local boutique, such as Sassanova, who carries the Gaimo brand. Currently, they do not ship U.S. This means you can support your local small business instead!

See, “Chanel Meets Pucci” is quite fabulous, and you don’t have to spend the designer price tag either!

Happy Shopping and Happy Friday! Hard to believe it is the last Friday in June! Hope you have a fantastic weekend, and will be doing so in style.


Disclosure: While all thoughts and opinions are my own, this post contains some affiliate links in which I may be compensated (at not cost to you). This compensation helps with keeping my blog up and running, and creating amazing content to share! I cannot thank you enough for your support, feedback, and following! You are the best!

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