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Changing Course For The Better


Happy Tuesday, and I hope wherever you are reading this from you are staying SAFE amongst Hurricane Isaias. While Baltimore is only see more of a tropical storm, it is still a force of nature, and the whole sideways rain, and crazy wind, is just NOT COOL. Talk about changing course for the day! But, you know what, I think it “worked out” for the better!


This picture seems kind of “in your face,” huh? ? This is what happens during a Hurricane, and your plans for getting a handful of pictures gets postponed (you resort to a post workout selfie). You know what, I am all about safety – getting my hair and makeup done is not important in the grand scheme of of things people – and, as I mentioned, it gave me a chance to have a little “me” time.

Changing Course For The Better!

If you have been following along on my social media, I have spent the last 10 days on the mend from a minor accident involving my ankle/foot, and, since the end of June, I have been on the IR from lifting upper body. Am I getting old(er), YES, but an elective surgery had me taking a breather for a good 6 weeks. Before you start thinking anything, I did not have anything enhanced!

Today, I dipped my Ace-bandaged foot back into my home gym. Upper body focus, took it super easy, and went without athletic shoes. Slow, controlled, and it just felt good.

Yes, my upper body may have atrophied a bit – to be expected – and I could have felt like I was back at the starting line but, no, I embraced where I am in the process. I will work towards getting back to where I was at some point – lifting heavy(ish), flat sprints, inclines, and maybe some distance. Okay, maybe not the distance running, LOL. Changing course does not have to be scary; distance running is scary. Ha, I kid. You are talking to a former marathoner. Seriously, though, changing course comes with a whole lot of positives. A new focus, a new found respect, and just learning something NEW about yourself in the process.

I miss being active, and up to par, but I am paying a whole lot of attention to how I am feeling. Listening to your body is key. Be kind, be gentle, and lifting heavy shit is the best when you are going through heavy shit. Like this brief run-in with a tropical storm, Covid-19, normalcy, etc.

Bottom Line: Give it time, stay consistent, and practice progress over perfection! 

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Here’s to a healthy & safe Tuesday!


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