Coffee. Enough said?

Okay, okay, I know, for those who are not big coffee drinkers it’s hard to understand this ritual. BUT, seriously, COFFEE = LIFE! 


I grew up in a coffee drinking household but my love for it did not really happen until college. I feel like that is when it happens for most. Sure, I dabbled in the consumption here and there but it needed to have a boat load of cream and about 10 scoops of sugar. 

Needless to say, my coffee drinking habits have changed over the years, and I have grown to rely on it for more than just a morning pick me up. Whether it is enjoying a cup, or two, or three while writing, having a conversation with my Mom, or even meeting at the local Starbucks for a business meeting, it has become my “coffee talk.” It is that first sip of the day that brings about conversation, enjoyment, and feeling a little more human too. 

In addition to sharing all of my favorite coffee spots from here to the West Coast and beyond – FYI, my first question whenever I travel is “where is the nearest coffee shop?” – my COFFEE TALK will be a way for me to showcase what is happening in my life, in real time! From what I did over the weekend, to my upcoming travel, or even just a need to vent (because we all have off days, right), I look forward to engaging in the conversation with YOU!

And, it’s totally cool if you are drinking something other than coffee. I get it…okay, not really! Well, I “get it” if it means a glass of bubbly or vino, because you will see me having a little “coffee talk” with one of these in hand too!