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Hey There Fabulous! Did you know? Today is not only the 19th – yes, more on that momentarily – BUT my very own online shopping portal went LIVE yesterday?!?! Oh yes, it did, and I so hope YOU will go and check out the Fit4Janine closet today! Yes, these are totally “Fit4Janine,” and can be, totally, “Fit4You” as well! It kind of sounds like a tongue twister, ha!

You can shop my very closet – okay, not all of it – and purchase some of the very items that you have seen me showcase over my various social media channels. And they can, ABSOLUTELY, be yours too!

Make sure to check out the “Fit4Janine” Closet, TODAY! I would love for you to own a piece of my fashion heart! If you have any questions, do not hesitate to reach out and ask!

So, back to the “19th”…

I have shared, before, that the “19th” holds a really special place in my heart, although some of it did come with heartbreak. Still, though, there is a reason all of these “events” happen on this day, or just 19 signs, in general. And, while I don’t want to harp on this, today would have been my 11th Wedding Anniversary…and the weather looks & feels, exactly, like it did that day!

Gosh, 11 years ago; talk about a baby!  Moving on from that; I have grown A LOT since that point!

Just in case you are saying, “I am here, I have no idea what you are sharing,” I will give you a brief run through on why “19” has my heart. I did a whole series on my blog last year about this too! And this has NOTHING to do with Covid-19. Hmm, I, actually, just made this connection. If you want to full story, you can find it HERE as well. Here is the “Reader’s Digest” version for you…

My birthday is on the 19th; my sister’s birthday is on the 19th; I was married on the 19th; I was divorced on the 19th; I settled on my house on the 19th; my credit card is due on the 19th; the expiration year on a past credit card is “19;” the lease payment on the car I just traded in was due on the 19th; my new license plate ends with the number 19 in it, I dated a guy 2 years ago who lived on the 19th floor in NYC, and, well, you get what I mean.

My hope that there will, only, be positive vibes to come from today; it started out with a blog glitch that is showing 3 weeks worth of content lost during the “migration” process with our new web development team. Grr. Boo. Wtf. All I can say is keep calm, carry on, and maybe drink straight from the bottle. I am confident it will be retrieved BUT, until then, you should take a peek HERE!

Here’s to it feeling like those Fall vibes, especially here in Baltimore! Hope you are well, and I hope your weekend is, hands down, AMAZING!


Disclosure: While all thoughts and opinions are my own, this post contains some affiliate links in which I may be compensated (at not cost to you). This compensation helps with keeping my blog up and running, and creating amazing content to share! I cannot thank you enough for your support, feedback, and following! You are the best!

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