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Giving Yourself Permission to Mess Up


Happy Tuesday, and last day of November for that matter. Honestly, I am not really sure where this month has gone, and how was it just Thanksgiving last week? It feels like an eternity ago! Now, we are full steam ahead with the holiday season and I could not be more excited. Going to switch gears today to share something that I have ALWAYS struggled with but, more recently, feels a little more amped. I am talking about giving yourself permission – and GRACE – to mess up.

Yes, giving yourself permission to not have things in a nice, neat bow. To not have things, dare I say, be/feel PERFECT. It’s about allowing you space to let things “be what they will be,” learn from them, grow from them, and become a better version of yourself in the process. This may be one of my all time favorite mottos. 

Yeah, yeah, I will be the first to tell you that perfection is a myth, and it is unattainable, and it just creates a very vicious cycle; BUT, I will, also, be the first one to admit that it is still very much a fleeting thought at times. No matter how hard I try, sometimes it is even hard to get out of my own way. It’s like that saying – you know what it is right but you still do the very opposite.

Recently, I have tackled some (new) personal and professional endeavors that I hope will help me grow in my role as a health and wellness professional as well as in my relationship with others. It’s been exciting, scary, a bit of a thrill, challenging, and, most importantly, forcing me to let go of the “it has to be perfect or else I am a failure” mentality. As my mentor continues to say to me – “it be what it will be” and be kind to yourself.

In a world that thrives on instant gratification, patience, time, understanding, and reminding yourself that you are human, are just a few of the driving forces to help get you out of your own way (as hard and scary as it may feel). Plus, authenticity at its core means less script and more YOU.

Because, let’s be honest, a “perfectly” wrapped box with a beautiful bow did not start out that way. Hmm, definitely just came up with that analogy!

Here’s to Tuesday, the start of a new month tomorrow, and giving yourself permission to mess up (and enjoy the ride)!


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