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Why I Love John Fluevog


It is pronounced “FLU-VOG.” Beyond the look of these super unique and trendy John Fluevog shoes, I, also, feel very much like Sarah Jessica Parker & Mary Poppins in them too! Don’t you see it?


OMGOSH, I am in love with this latest designer with whom I happened to stumble upon while in Denver. When it involves fashion, it becomes a force that attracts me.

John Fluevog, you may have my, absolute, shoe heart! ❤️

The minute I walked into the store, I was mesmerized; mouth dropped and a “do you have this, this, and this in my size” was instantaneous. How did I not know about these? I highly recommend you check out their site to get the full story on this brand. It is quite fascinating!

It’s whimsical!

It’s downright funky, trendy, and stylish!

And it was no surprise that I heard Lady Gaga was sporting a platform style that had her name all over it.

I am wearing the “Shiloh” style in Teal/Floral. I, actually, did not try this color/pattern on; I was recommended the style to try and the gentleman said, “wait, while we do not have this in stock, this just totally seems like you.” A few days later, these “Elegant Mary Janes” arrived at my doorstep, along with 2 other gems I will be showcasing soon! Maybe the brightly colored outfit I was wearing gave away my pep and zest for fashion!

Made with a patent toe, suede buckle, and tapestry within the body of the shoe, these were a PERFECT fit for my still injured ankle! FYI: I did go 1/2 a size up, and I am so happy I did!


What do you think? Are you a fan? Not so much? Sarah Jessica Parker? Mary Poppins? Combination of both? P.S. How “SUPER CUTE” are the bottoms?

Here’s to a fashion-forward, wine down, mid-week hustle! Stay classy!


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