You already know I am a FOODIE but I like to think of myself as a connoisseur of all GOOD EATS trending in Baltimore. Maybe that is a little bit of a stretch, but I am all about having my finger on the pulse as to the latest and greatest that comes to my hometown. In fact, my family, friends, and even clients are always asking “hey, what is new & exciting on the food scene?”

Over the past few years, “Charm City” has been put on the map as an East Coast culinary destination. Who knows, we could be on a “Top 10” for the entire U.S. but, for now, I will keep to what I know!

While I love (and prefer) cooking in, as well as trying out new recipes & food products, I do LOVE going out to eat as well. Whether heading out in my athleisure, or getting “boujeed ” up in one of my many dresses with tags still on them (ha!), there is a wide range of restaurants for all palettes and dress codes.

Although, if you want to know the truth, I wish more places enforced a fancier dress code. I mean, who wants to be eating a $50 steak next to someone in sweat pants and a tee shirt?

The moral of the story? When I am not at home cooking, or traveling for that matter, you will find me eating my way through B-More, hon! Oooh, I, definitely, do not use that expression very often – or at all!

Check back, often, as I will make sure to share all of the yumminess with you right here!