LTK Day Starts TODAY!


Happy Friday from what seems like ANOTHER rainy day in Baltimore. There has been more soaking rain in the last few weeks than I have seen in a LONG time. Ick. Anyway, let’s move on to more important things like how today starts LTK DAY on the app!

If you are not familiar, this app is probably the BEST shopping app ever! It is where influencers, like myself, tout and share some of their favorite items from hundreds of different retailers. Simply follow your favorite influencer(s) on the app, and shop directly from their posts. Another option is to follow Instagram, snap a screenshot that has the “” logo in the bottom right hand corner OR addresses “LTK” in the caption. From there, all you need to do is open up the app and the photo will populate along with the tagged products. For more information, you can always refer HERE to learn more!

This year, there are 19 participating brands that are offering some amazing deals from today, June 11th, through Sunday, June 13th! Here are a handful of the ones I will be touting on my feed!

This is such a fantastic sale to grab some of your go-to’s at incredible savings. Plus, you may even come to find some new items that become your favorites too!

Remember, these sales are only applicable through the app. Make sure you download it ASAP (it’s FREE), and start shopping! These sales are only good through Sunday, June 13th! Act quick because items are going fast!

Hope you enjoy, and let me know what you find/purchase! Here’s to an amazing weekend!


P.S. The picture is a sneak peek of what you can find on my LTK feed! 

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