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Staying Organized in the New Year!


My name is Janine, and I have a confession – I am a bit of an organized neat freak. I have always been this way but, as I get older, I feel like I am even more particular about everything being in its place! Seriously, how can you live life in a hot mess?

Happy Friday love! All I have to say; it has been a week. Early mornings, late nights, an iPhone that is being a PIA, and I am looking forward to regrouping, trying to sleep, and just taking a work time out over these next couple days. Hope you had a fantastic week, and are looking to an awesome weekend ahead. So hard to believe we are one week into the New Year!

For me, staying organized comes in many different ways but one thing I keep in check is my schedule/calendar, bills & finances, to-do list, etc. While I keep digital copies, and do a lot via my phone & computer, I do love to still cross things of a list, literally. One of the ways I do so is with my all time favorite planner – Day Designer!

Here are just some of the many features that come with this beauty, not to mention the various covers you can choose from…

  • All planners start January 1st, through December 31st, of the given year.
  • There is a “month at a glance,” and then individual pages for your to-do list and day by day schedule.
  • Extra pages for goal setting ,and a “year at a glance,” are available as well. Love to be able to take a peek at the end of the year to see how far I have come! 
  • Additionally, there are checklists that you for expenses and fun foil stickers to add a little pizazz!

Thank you to the Day Designer site for the verbiage! 

This is a great gift to GIFT yourself, or for the person in your life who likes to keep their LIFE all in one place.

You have the choice between a daily and weekly planner, as well as “original” size or “mini.” There are even non-date products and refills too!

See, they have you covered…and did I mention how fabulous these covers are too?!?!

Are you ready to stay organized in 2021?


Disclosure: While all thoughts and opinions are my own, this post contains some affiliate links in which I may be compensated (at not cost to you). This compensation helps with keeping my blog up and running, and creating amazing content to share! I cannot thank you enough for your support, feedback, and following! You are the best!

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