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My Take On The Mint Julep


It’s Monday, but is it Friday or still the weekend? You know how you wake from a deep sleep and feel disoriented and even “wait, where I am, what day is it, omgosh did I oversleep?” Yes, this was me upon waking and I feel like I have been in a fog ever since. And, […]

Muddled Lemon Cocktail


I am missing California like WOAH. Yes, you heard me – like WOAH. I am hoping that I am going to be getting back SOON. Like June. Maybe July. Happy Thursday, and “Thirsty Thursday” for that matter. That’s right, I am getting a little boozy today because it just feels needed. It’s been a long […]

French Inspired Roasted Chicken


Greetings Friday, and March 19th to be exact. Lucky number 19; I have a feeling it is going to be a REALLY good day. Also, I thought it was about damn time to showcase this AMAZING chicken dinner that I prepared, recently, that was inspired by my trip to France (almost 2 years ago) and […]

Greek Pasta Salad


Nothing like the start of a new week to feel refreshed, recharged, and reenergized. Yes, we all need this kind of positivity on a Monday. And, we also need a really yummy recipe to inspire us as well. Go figure, today the recipe I am sharing involves pasta; actually, it’s a Greek Pasta Salad. I […]

Cinnamon Oat Muffins With Nut Topping


Finally, the weekend and the SUN is shining. It may be cold AF in Baltimore but I will take the sun over snow, ice, and a dreary landscape. Hope you are doing something that involves staying cozy & warm. One of the things that days like this call for are yummy comfort foods and, for […]

A “Snow” Board


You may not like what I am about to say but I am speaking from my heart; I am hopeful this is the LAST of the snow we will see until the Holiday’s! I know, I know; I like one good snow fall and then time for warm weather! The one positive from a good […]

Boozy Hot Chocolate


While “Boozy Hot Chocolate” is nothing new, after a recent trip to a local winery in the beginning of January, I was very intrigued to recreate this drink that some family members tried out. Although I did not taste, and, as we know, sweets are not my thing, I could only imagine the awesomeness. Rich, […]

Old Bay Roasted Popcorn


Today has felt like the longest day EVAAAAA. I guess it does not help when you tossed and turned all night, laid in bed from 1:00-2:00/2:30 am thinking about everything, started your day at 4:00 am with seeing an early morning personal training client, been to the dentist, had a telehealth call, and, now, sit […]

Hot Buttered Rum


Hello Sunday Funday, and what better way to kick off the start to the week than with something fabulous like a hot buttered rum. The inspiration to make this drink came from being it “National Hot Buttered Rum Day,” and, needless to say, it has been the “hot” drink as of late! This was the […]

Shrimp & Saffron Risotto


There is something about risotto this time of year that is just comforting, nourishing, and can be dressed up, down, and with so many different accoutrements. This is true when you get a little fancy with seafood, such as shrimp I chose for this dish. That or what was on hand, ha! This dish was […]