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Italy in 2 Weeks

My husband, Matt, and I absolutely know why people go back to Italy year after year – you cannot help but fall in love with the country, the culture, the people, and, well, EVERYTHING! And how has it been almost a month since we have been back home too? My father-in-law won this trip to Italy, […]

Taking Time Off


Oh love, it has been a hot second! I have been feeling quite guilty that it has taken me this long to get my act together and get in check with all things “Janine Serio.” While I have not taken “actual” time off, I have taken some time off from blogging to get some inspiration […]

Setting Boundaries


Good Morning Gorgeous! Happy 1st Friday in March and, WOW, has it already March? Lately, life has felt like an unbelievable roller coaster; more on this to come BUT, for now, I am simply taking things one day at a time at trying to do my best every step of the way (although I was […]

What Is Not Okay On Social Media


How is it Monday already? Although my weekend was low key, I think Daylight Savings Time is throwing me off a bit. I don’t know about you but I am so freaking exhausted, and it has even been a struggle to get this post written today. That, and the fact that, for some reason, I was […]

Feeling Body Confident


You want to know what is better than waking up & it being a Saturday? Waking up close to 7:00 am to a beautiful sunny morning! Yes, these are small “wins” that just make me happy. As I have said many times before, my sleep really sucks so when I can get a few extra […]