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Best Valentine’s Day Gifts for 2021


Happy Wednesday love and, yes, speaking of LOVE we are 4 days away from the hearts, candy, flowers, balloons, and then some (eh hem, PG) of Valentine’s Day.

I know there are a LOT of people who don’t care to celebrate – married or not. In fact, I was just talking with a client who told me this is one Holiday her and her husband do NOT celebrate. I couldn’t tell if she thought is was lame but that’s besides the point.

Yes, I have fond memories as a kid decorating my bag for Valentine’s Day to collect all of my cards from classmates. Oh, and the writing and creating of the cards was a BIG DEAL too, especially if there was a cute boy in the class that I wanted to be my Valentine. To be a kid again!

Cheesy or not cheesy, to me, Valentine’s Day is a day to shower those you love with some extra special love. It doesn’t have to be over the top, nor does it need to be marked with going out to dinner, or wearing a kinky outfit to bed that you will never wear again, or even going overboard with the pomp and circumstance of flowers, candy, balloons, gifts, etc. Btw, if these are things that you like to do, than GREAT. Keep doing what you love!

While Valentine’s Day is just another day (although I love it capitalizes on the PINK), I do believe it should be marked with doing something extra special, and doing so with however you see fit! It could be something as little as an extra text message, a note left on the fridge or in the bathroom, a phone call, creating a fun dinner, doing a workout together, etc. While some of these seem “relationship-specific,” you can be creative with all of the loved ones in your life!

Remember, less can, actually, be more. 

Now, I know, I just made the statement that you don’t need to make this a big deal with gifts BUT, if you are someone who likes to mark the day with a fun gift, I am giving you some of my TOP choices for Valentine’s Day 2021. Did you expect anything less? Hope you enjoy! 🙂


Tom Ford “White Suede” All Over Body Spray This versatile body spray is such a fun and unique gift. With 10 other scents from which to choose, one can, surely, find a perfect fit. Another awesome piece is that these are unisex so a great all around gift!

Lunya “Energized Pink” Washable Silk Tee Set If you have been following me on Instagram, you know that I just adore this washable silk tee set. I have 3 pairs, and another pair that is a different version. Trust me when I say you will never go back to sleeping in anything else! A perfect gift for the fashionista who wants to look fabulous while sleeping…or drinking coffee…or on a Zoom meeting.

Mackenzie Childs “Sweetbriar Champagne Flute” I don’t know about you but I could do without the candy and flowers and just drink champagne. Why not do so in fabulous flutes?!?! I cannot say enough about Mackenzie Child’s collection(s). No only are they beautifully decorated but I love their heaviness and shape. Simply stunning!

Malin + Goetz “Get Lit” Cannabis Candle Set What better way to set the mood than with a candle! And, with cannabis trending, how appropriate, right? I was introduced to Malin + Goetz while living in California back in 2017 and I fell in love with their products. All natural & clean ingredients! The cannabis body wash has been a fan favorite of my Dad and Brother-In-Law so I figured this candle would fit the bill too!

Cards Against Humanity Because we ALL just need a little levity in our life…this game is HILARIOUS! Although this is just my opinion, I would have to say, this game would really bring your Valentine’s Day to life (and make sure to gift it to someone with a sense of humor).

Sub Urban Riot “Favorite Daughter” Graphic Tee  My sister and I were gifted these tees by my parents for Christmas, and they are just fabulous. Simple statement. Classy AF. Plus, they are a collaboration by a sister duo for a company that makes the best tee shirts too!

Venus et Fleur Classic Collection “Small Square” I have  been so intrigued by these “real roses that last a year” that I am hoping someone will read this and gift me a box. I am so kidding but I have heard only amazing things about them! Their packaging, alone, is so unique, and there are various collections & sizes from which to choose!

Dom Perignon Champagne Okay, while you don’t have to go this expensive – I know many will argue they have had better, for less, than what you are paying for “the label” – but a really fabulous bottle of bubbly is a given on Valentine’s Day. FYI: If you are single, like myself, it is, perfectly, acceptable to put a straw in your very own bottle.

Clayton & Crume’s “Rocks Glass”Talk about a classy gift! I love the leather touch with the monogram and I think that the cocktail drinker in your life would agree that it is pretty sophisticated! I know I have my eye on this for future gifts as well!

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