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What To Wear to a Concert


HEY! What’s up? Happy Saturday! Guess what – I am doing something besides sitting in front of my computer later this evening. I know, pretty impressive right? Hope I can stay awake! I kid but, in all seriousness, I have been asked to attend a Jimmy Buffet concert this evening and, while I am not a “Parrot Head” by any stretch of the imagination – I know people who would go every single year (pre-Covid) – I have head he puts on a pretty awesome show. And the party aspect, well, I can get my head around that one. Maybe not margaritas; maybe I will just wear a slogan on my tee shirt instead. Ha! Of course, though, this got me thinking – what am I going to wear? Really, my “what to wear to a concert” has become my focus for the last 12 or so hours.

So silly, I get it but when you look good you feel good and we all know it’s my thing. Good news is that the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is still going strong through tomorrow, August 8th, so I was able to snag some finds to keep me looking sharp tonight!

If you have any recommendations, PLEASE let me know! Here is a version of the ensemble I created, and one that you can absolutely create too! Remember, though, you have until TOMORROW to grab these items at a fantastic deal! Let’s get excited about “what to wear to a concert!”


What to Wear to a Concert

#1: Denim Shorts: These just spoke to me! When putting together my ensemble, denim shorts and a graphic tee were the two things that popped into my head first. These “Denim Le Cut Off” Denim Shorts by Frame are super cute, and at a great value of $125.90.

#2: Graphic Tee: I am a huge fan of the Daydreamer line…they never seem to disappoint! While they have a handful of tees on the sale, this “Kiss World Graphic Tee” seemed perfect to go with my cool denim shorts. Plus, who does not love a good “Kiss” tee, especially at $44.90?

#3: P448: I know, this ensemble is getting quite funky BUT I think it is a fabulous way to show a different side of you. If you have not heard of the brand “P448,” I would like to introduce the two of you. While I have another pair on their way, these “Skate Snakeskin Print” High Top Sneakers are AMAZING. Oh, and the fact that the sole is already a bit dirty gives it a rugged, worn, and I am not worried if I am tromping through the grass kind of look. Sale Price: $219.90

#4: Belt: Mix and match your look with this super cute Madewell “Perfect Genuine Calf Hair Belt.” Because no rules, and all the animal prints for $27.90.

#5: Crossbody: This is always a fine line for me; I want to make sure I have my necessities but don’t want to carry my purse. Sure, I could put my license, cash, credit cards, etc. in my pocket – should I really be giving this information away? – but what about my phone? Lip gloss? I have loved these crossbody phone pouches and I knew this would be the exact item I would be taking too. This Rag & Bone Riser Leather Crossbody Phone Pouch is downright fabulous. In 3 colors, you can choose what works with your wardrobe or what may be missing from your accessory collection. Currently on sale for $134.90.

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