One of my favorite quotes about wine is hanging in the kitchen of my parents home. It says, “When wine enlivens the heart, friendship surrounds the table.”

I think that quote is why I LOVE swirling, sipping, tasting, and, let’s be honest, drinking full glasses of wine! Or maybe it’s the quote “Will exercise for wine.” Or even, “Decision Time: Red or White?”

I am not going to minimize the fact that wine has become part of my life…and, yes, a daily ritual. I enjoy it, I like learning about the variety of grapes and where they came from, I appreciate pairing it with a yummy dish, and I think there is nothing better than giving a bottle as a gift. And, no, I am not just saying buying any random wine off the shelf. I mean, really thinking about the person you are purchasing it for and what attributes about the wine seem like it would be a good fit. Just make sure the person likes wine – LOL!

From the different wines and wineries I have tried and traveled too, and my opinion and review as to what I like, recommended, and even try for the 1st time, you will find it all right here! And, let me just say, this may be part of my blog that gets the most attention…oh, just kidding! Or am I?

Maybe wine blogging will be in my future too!