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To Chill and Feel Fabulous


Morning! Oh man, I am in a New York City hangover! While I knew yesterday would be intense, I really had no idea the toll and exhaustion it would take. Not to mention I arrived home around 1:15 am, asleep around 2:15 am, and was up before the sun rose to see a client at 5:45 am. Woah is me but it is part of the job too! Can’t wait for you to see some of my upcoming pictures from my  whirlwind trip to ‘da BIG APPLE! Now, it is time to chill and feel fabulous!

Anywho, HAPPY FRIDAY you awesome human! Hope your week has been amazing, and you are looking forward to the upcoming weekend. Anything fun on your dance card? Mine will be filled with a lot of work, and some play, but the TO-DO list is one of the big things I need to tackle, as well as putting the final touches on my Christmas shopping.

Speaking of Christmas lists, it is that time of the week when I am sharing with you my FAVORITES for this Holiday season. Actually, I think it is kind of appropriate that it is inspired by all things “chill,” especially since that is all I want to do today! To chill and feel fabulous! 

Alrighty, here we go!

#1: Corkcicle

Okay, if you do not own one yet, well, where have you been? Are you living under a rock? Just kidding…but not really. Seriously, this company, as they tout, “make things cool.”

While researching the company a bit more, I completely forgot that their very first product was their “Corkcicle Air” – the in-bottle wine chiller – which launched in 2010. Since then, they have evolved into a stylish, trendy, and totally sustainable company that has a full spectrum line of canteens, tumblers, stemless wine cups, mugs, tumbler straws, etc. Plus, their colors and patterns are so FUN (and, gosh, downright gorgeous) you will be torn as to which to choose. Maybe that was just me! 


What do I have in my collection? I LOVE my classic tumbler, canteen (yes, of course I have in hot pink), and stemless wine & champagne glasses. I take them on the go, vacation, and love to give them as gifts too. And, with varying (and reasonable) price points, you can stay within budget and be praised on Christmas Day!

FYI: Local stores that carry in your area may also add the personalized touch of monogramming. My go-to spot in Baltimore is at Becket Hitch in Greenspring Station!

#2: Oventure “BIG-O Key Ring”

With over 90 different options to choose, – silicone leather, and croc-embossed – these key rings make a fabulous stocking stuffer for the person who can never find their keys or is looking to go hands free.

The oversized key rings fit easily on your wrist or above your elbow, and its signature locking clasp secures keys with a click.  Ahh, so easy to find in my person amongst all of my “stuff,” and I totally dig the “Gold Rush Croc” print too!

#3: Vuori Joggers

You know how I was talking about living under a rock earlier? Well, I was living under a rock before I was introduced to THIS amazing company.


The “Performance Jogger” takes athleisure-wear to the next level, and definitely makes you feel “chill as fuck.” While they have a price point of $84 each, it is the best money you will spend. I have in both black and heather gray, and I am, totally, smitten with them. They are stylish, comfy, and will have people asking you where to purchase!

Wow, another Friday in the books, and some more of my favorites I have shared! Get ready – next week will be the final week before the BIG GUY arrives, and I can’t wait to share some of my favorite accessories with you!

Have a fantastic weekend!