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Your go-to checklist for where to visit, what to pack, and how to make the experience Fit4You

Staying Cozy with Pretty Rugged

A Huge THANK YOU to the Pretty Rugged site for the information and photos! What’s up love? How are you doing on this ridiculously cold...

My Stay at the Greenbrier

Why hello there 4 days until Christmas! How did this happen? I am still feeling like there are NOT enough hours in the day to...

Why California Will Always Be Part of My Heart

Another Monday is upon us, and another snow day to start the week. Mind you, if we get an inch or two, that will be...

Needing to Pivot During The Pandemic

Although this picture is showing nothing but “Spring Vibes,” it is less than “Spring-like” here in Baltimore. Btw, I just love Generation Love and their...