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My Stay at the Greenbrier


Why hello there 4 days until Christmas! How did this happen? I am still feeling like there are NOT enough hours in the day to work, finish shopping, wrapping, grocery store, and just life! I a going to take a brief pause to focus on this past weekend. Not only was it my Birthday BUT my boyfriend surprised me with a fabulous weekend to The Greenbrier in White Sulphur Springs, WV. When I was college – back in the day – I remember hearing friends talk about going with their family, as well as families I would babysit for chatting about how they would Summer there for a week. From the photos I had seen, and the experiences I had heard about, especially from my boyfriend, I was BEYOND excited! Plus, how could a stay at The Greenbrier not be even more magical during Christmas? Rumor has it they have a banana leaf wallpaper and carpet that mirrors that of the Beverly Hills Hotel (and, wow, it did not disappoint).

America’s Resort since 1778, this estate is as royal and stately as the royalty, business leaders, and even celebrities who have walked its property (and even own homes on the property too).

I will tell you, most of my photos are of the beautiful trees and decor. I was, kindly, asked by many (boyfriend and family) to shut it off for the weekend and just enjoy. I guess I will have to go back to immerse myself in more…like the AMAZING food! Wait, I do have some food photos from my birthday to share momentarily.


It has been hard for me to put into words the sheer beauty, history, and decor of this magical resort. Upon arrival, we made our way through what could only rival The White House, walked down these rich green steps, and made our way to check-in and the concierge. Nothing like a welcome then with a glass of champagne too!

The most mesmerizing part, for me, was how each room/space was decorated. As you know, I love to decorate – although a frustrated decorator at heart – and this was beyond anything I had seen. Florals and stripes, mixed with vintage and new, mixed with banana leaf wallpaper, and pastel and bold colors that just worked!

Yes, they just worked together, and it was FABULOUS! 

Who was responsible for giving the resort a fresh, updated, and iconic look for years to follow? A famous New York decorator, Dorothy Draper, was brought in during the late 1940’s to help bring life – and restore its glory- to what was a General Hospital during World War II. There is even a boutique named after her that on the property which can give you inspiration for your own decor ideas. If it wasn’t Christmas, and the wallet already feeling depleted more so than ever, I would have taken advantage of some of the gorgeous pillows and rugs that would make such statements. There is, actually, a whole weekend dedicated to Dorothy Draper Decorating! 

See, this is why another stay at The Greenbrier is a MUST! P.S. The other boutiques were amazing as well!

Let’s shift gears to accommodations and food!

There are so many lovely places to stay while at the resort; from traditional guest rooms to suites and cottages there are so many places to FIT you and your family’s wants and needs.


We stayed in one of the traditional rooms, and it was just perfect! I felt like I stepped back in history (with a modern feel), and THE CLOSETS! It may have been the same size as my apartments if not bigger.

Now about the food! The one downfall was room service was running very, very behind. Breakfast was a 2 hour wait – yikes! You know what, it was no issue at all. Due to the state of the world, and it being the Holiday’s, it was understandable. Our first night we dined in the bougie Prime 44 West steakhouse which was lovely! Here is a fun fact: it honors WV native and NBA legend Jerry West. We were so hungry that everything looked amazing on the menu, and we even took back a good amount to eat for lunch the next day. From seafood platters, to salads, to beef tenderloin, roasted veggies, and a divine lobster mashed potato, the belly’s were full and happy, and oh so tired!

Next day meant coffee and champagne in bed, a beautiful (and delicious) buffet in the Main Dining Room, then a carriage ride around the property which gave history, insight, and a peek at some of the famous celebrities who own homes along the golf course and in the accompanying mountains.

What made it perfect was the snow fall upon the completion of the ride. Yes, it was ordered for me and, yes, I am loving this ensemble!


For dinner, we got a little fancy and had a phenomenal meal in their Main Dining Room. Here is a peek at some of culinary art that we had, alongside lots of cocktails, bubbly, and vino: Fois Gras and halibut with crab (sans cream sauce); not shown was the grilled Caesar salad, pan fried potatoes, and cream of onion soup.

There are so many other places from which to choose from as well but, I would say, these are the top 2! A handful were not open due to the season so a lot more to choose from when the weather turns warm!

One thing that I think is so cool is a pamphlet is left on your bed every day with an itinerary of the next days events. There is something for everyone to do! I can see why the Spring/Summer/Fall is most desirable. While horseback riding was a huge attraction, things like golf (one course was open), swimming, tennis, fly fishing (we did see 2 gentleman partaking), and a handle of other activities could be enjoyed by all ages! According to their site, there are 55 indoor and outdoor activities/experiences for which you can participate in during your stay at The Greenbrier. One activity is the casino if you are feeling lucky and, if you are like me, the gym and spa!

Yes, I do view both as an activity! 

To say my stay at The Greenbrier was less than perfect was an absolute understatement. While we were incredibly lucky to be able to sneak away for 2 days, we hope to get back in the Spring/Summer for a little longer of a stay.

Alright, back to the Christmas race while I keep dreaming about the stay at The Greenbrier! Are you ready for the BIG DAY, and have you booked your stay yet?