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A Party Tradition


I don’t know about you but I just love a really freaking good cheese and charcuterie board. Yes, it may have become one of my specialties over the years too. Whether it is something you are making for you own personal festivities OR taking as an appetizer, the versatility, size, and customization is not only FUN and a talking piece but should become a damn good party tradition too!

One of the the things I love about it (beyond its deliciousness) is how creative you can become with it. There is no right or wrong; sorry, you don’t need more meats to cheese, or vice versa, or need them to all compliment one another. Pick what you like, what your guests will like, and what will make it downright AMAZING!

If you are new the cheese and charcuterie board making, here are some of my simple and easy tips to get started, as well as some of my favorite accoutrements to make it look on point!

First, I always like to go with a theme. For Christmas, I tend to adorn with fruit and holly. A Wedding shower, I like to use fresh roses and greenery. In the Summer, I just like to fill the board with everything and anything! The biggest tip I can give you – make sure there are not a lot of “holes” showing. This is the best time to use decor [like I just mentioned] and “extras” such as nuts, fruits, or whatever strikes your fancy.

Okay, now let’s really start – the biggest question lies in “what kind of board?” Honestly, you can use anything that you have! A plate, platter, cutting board – any of these will work! If you are looking to get a little fancy, though, here are some of my favorites to add to your collection:

Farmhouse Pottery Walnut Cutting Board

Happy Everything Marble Big Entertaining Serving Board

Pottery Barn Chateau Acacia Wood Cheese Board

Uncommon Goods Compact Swivel Cheese Board

Wood Charcuterie Paddle

Slate 12×12 Cheese Board

When using mustards/jams, I do like to use the jars they come in. Not that they are super pretty, they do give an extra pop of color but, more so, they give dimension and height to the board. When I don’t use, though, here are some bowls fun little bowls I like to use, as well as utensils. Speaking of which, don’t be scared to sit utensils right on top of cheeses, on the edge, or however you feel will make it the most inviting for guests to dive in and enjoy. I am sure you have been in a situation where it looks like a work of art and you don’t want to be the first to break into it. If you feel this may be how your crowd will react, then make sure your cheese is sliced/cubed. While I like the look of a big block of cheese, I will change it up from time to time as well.

Mini Matte Latte Bowls

Streamlined Cheese Knives

Walnut Cheese Knives

Mercer Mini Bowl

Now, it’s time to start your party tradition, and “dress it up” based on your favorite meats, cheese, spreads, nuts, crackers, etc.! And, if you are getting really fancy, check out these slate markers for you to add as another talking point (and a great way for people to know exactly what they are consuming too). How many times I have been asked “what is this; it’s delicious,” only to not remember it at all! Ha!

Alright, time to whirl up your own party tradition creation! Please share photos of your beauty, and all of your favorites too! Here’s to a yummy and delicious week!