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Italy in 2 Weeks

My husband, Matt, and I absolutely know why people go back to Italy year after year – you cannot help but fall in love with the country, the culture, the people, and, well, EVERYTHING! And how has it been almost a month since we have been back home too? My father-in-law won this trip to Italy, […]

My First Time Skiing


Greetings gorgeous, and it has been way too long! Okay, let me address that statement FIRST. When I started my blog back in 2017, I made a promise to myself that I would be diligent in staying consistent with blogging regularly. Back then, blogging was a HUGE driving force to gain exposure and business, and, […]

Feeling All The Warm Vibes


Yes, today may be Valentine’s Day, and I should be thinking about hearts and roses (oohh, I did get some gorgeous ones) but, instead, I am thinking about being back in my happy place – St. Maarten. Oh loves, it has been quite the jump back into reality. I started at 5:00 am (umm, that […]

Staying Cozy with Pretty Rugged

A Huge THANK YOU to the Pretty Rugged site for the information and photos! What’s up love? How are you doing on this ridiculously cold Tuesday? Okay, it may be butt-biting cold in the Baltimore/D.C. area but I am hoping you are experiencing something like warmth, sunshine, and, geez, palm trees would be really, really […]

My Stay at the Greenbrier


Why hello there 4 days until Christmas! How did this happen? I am still feeling like there are NOT enough hours in the day to work, finish shopping, wrapping, grocery store, and just life! I a going to take a brief pause to focus on this past weekend. Not only was it my Birthday BUT […]

How Do You Relax?


Happy Saturday gorgeous, and Happy July 4th weekend! Hope you are doing something amazing to ring in the red, white, and blue. It is crazy to think tomorrow is July 4th. The Summer is flying by, and I hope you are enjoying every minute of the FUN! Speaking of “fun,” something I would like to […]

Touring Red Rocks in Colorado


I am a little embarrassed about this post today. Here I am talking about my latest trip and I have, totally, skimped on photos. I guess this means I will have to go back! Last Saturday while in Denver, we had a fun morning of dining at a local breakfast spot (close to my sister […]

Can I Get You a Drink?


It’s a beautiful morning, and how excited and pumped are you that it is Wednesday!! Beyond traveling, I feel like I have been going in so many directions and, as I said last week, my blog is getting the brunt of it. Well, that has got to change! I just returned home on Monday for […]

Why California Will Always Be Part of My Heart


Another Monday is upon us, and another snow day to start the week. Mind you, if we get an inch or two, that will be A LOT but it is supposed to be coupled with a wintery mix. Needless to say, it is not conducive to the scheduled photos that were on the docket for […]

Needing to Pivot During The Pandemic


Although this picture is showing nothing but “Spring Vibes,” it is less than “Spring-like” here in Baltimore. Btw, I just love Generation Love and their line of clothing just makes me happy! Happy February 1st! We are, currently, in “Day 2” of one of the biggest snow storms we have seen in years. What started […]