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Feeling All The Warm Vibes


Yes, today may be Valentine’s Day, and I should be thinking about hearts and roses (oohh, I did get some gorgeous ones) but, instead, I am thinking about being back in my happy place – St. Maarten. Oh loves, it has been quite the jump back into reality. I started at 5:00 am (umm, that is what time I, actually, started; not when I woke up), having been playing catch up most of the day, and I am downright COLD. Boo. I could go on and on about my recent 2 week trip to St. Maarten but that would only bum me out even more. All about me – ha! Okay, that is ONLY for my boyfriend to say and ONLY for him to be joking about too. Instead, let’s keep feeling all the warm vibes by talking about some of my favorite swimsuits of the season! I may have just come off on the beach but I have my eye on some super cute suits that I am sure you will love for an upcoming warm vacation, Spring Break, or even Summer!

Before I chat it up though, I have to tout a FABULOUS establishment in the heart of downtown St. Maarten that is serving up some gorgeous swimsuits. My Mom and I had been noticing so many people at our hotel with such amazing suits in beautiful prints. Finally, I had to ask and each person said “go to Endless Summer.” Located on Front Street, this store has been serving repeat customers for years, and their owner is one of the friendliest individuals you will meet. In fact, the entire staff is just lovely, and SO ACCOMMODATING! While there are only a handful of items on their website, I definitely recommend you checking it out, and making it a stop the next time your are in St. Maarten! And, in case you were wondering, yes, my Mom and I walked away with some gorgeous suits!

Ugh, I miss the island already!

Now, let’s get down to business, and continue feeling all the warm vibes by talking about some of my FAVORITE resort swimsuits that are a must have!

Let me know what you think!

Happy Valentine’s Day Gorgeous!


Kenny Flowers “The Maui” Sleeved Bikini Top

Kenny Flowers “The Maui” New Classic Bikini Bottom

Kenny Flowers “The Palm Beach” Halter Wrap Deep V One Piece

Kenny Flowers “The Beverly Hills” Sporty Bikini Top

Kenny Flowers “The Beverly Hills” Sporty Bikini Bottom

Marysia “Scalloped” One Piece Bathing Suit

Kona Sol “Women’s Ruffle Medium Coverage” One Piece Swimsuit