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My First Time Skiing


Greetings gorgeous, and it has been way too long! Okay, let me address that statement FIRST. When I started my blog back in 2017, I made a promise to myself that I would be diligent in staying consistent with blogging regularly. Back then, blogging was a HUGE driving force to gain exposure and business, and, while it still very much is, there is more of a shift/focus towards other social media (i.e. TikTok, Instagram, LTK, etc.). Yes, who knew TikTok would be one of the biggest revenue generators right now. Less reading, more watching. Thank you for continuing to read this post btw! My so-called long winded point – I am going to do a MUCH BETTER job of getting back to where I started. Being more of a presence right HERE! And what better way to do so than by chatting about my first time skiing! Fun, thrilling, (a little) scary, and a calorie burner like no other!


I am currently en route back home from an amazing time with my boyfriend’s family in gorgeous Park City. In case you have never been, I highly recommend – whether its your first time skiing like myself, an avid skier, or simply a getaway. Trust me, you will not be disappointed! The last time I was there was for a girls weekend back in January 2020 (right before Covid), and I have been wanting to go back…but this time to ski! You can imagine how incredibly excited I was when Matt shared with me the details!

We arrived on late Wednesday afternoon into Salt Lake City, and drove 30-40 minutes to Park City for our 5 day, 4 night stay. It’s an easy and gorgeous drive, as long as conditions were as nice as what we experienced – sunny and warm (yes, high 50’s). The last time I was there it was much colder, coupled with snow and sleet.

Our accommodations were at the All Seasons Resort Lodging – a 4 bedroom, 3 bathroom condo right at the base of the mountain. We were surrounded by ski shops, cute bars/restaurants, and mountains galore. With it being my first ski experience, I rented my helmet, boots, and skis from Jackson’s Base Camp and had 2 days of ski lessons (which I highly encourage)!  Okay, I am now sad that the trip is over, and even more sad that I did not capture more photos! Matt’s sister and I were having this ver conversation over text that not enough were taken! Boo! See, this is why we have to go back!


Since this was my first time skiing, I didn’t know any better with the conditions. We experienced ice, slush, and April 1st – known as “Gaper Day.” Uh huh, a sight to be seen and, as the ski instructor shared, just stay away! Anyway, I learned the basics – how to put on the ski’s, making sure you are parallel to the fall line, how to wedge, where your poles should be, how to get off the ski lift, parallel turns, etc. It’s a bummer we are moving into the Spring – not because it is Spring but because skiing season is almost over – and I may have to wait another year before I can hone in on my skills again. Rumor has it, it is like riding a bike. Let’s not mention Matt taking me down a hill I was NOT ready to go down! FYI: This is why you start kids young on ski’s – fearless! Matt’s 10 year old nephew schooled me over and over again!

Needless to say, I had a BLAST and cannot wait to go back (or at least go skiing again). I have some work to do in the gym; apparently it is all in the hips! We started bright and early, broke for lunch and libations, finished by 3:00/4:00 pm, showered and got ready for 2 nights out and 1 night hanging in.


The last time I was in the town, I did a LOT more shopping and leisurely activities, which included working out and a little spa time. After a day of skiing, though, we were so spent it was an effort just to keep our eyes open during dinner. Okay, I kid but you get the point!

Speaking of food, here are some of my favorite spots for you to check out, including some yummy food pics too! I did not go to all of these places while there; a few are from my January 2020 visit and others that were highly touted/recommended.

Atticus Coffee, Books, and Teahouse

Prime Steakhouse

501 On Main




No Name Saloon Bar & Grill


High West Distillery

The Eating Establishment


The Corner Store Pub & Grill


Legends Bar & Grill


Twisted Fern

Oh, and I promise I ate more than just salmon. It may be one of my favorites but the yummy steak, avocado toast(s), and additional salads I consumed were AMAZING! Yes, you really do a workout up an appetite…whether it is your first time skiing or your 1000th!

Ready? If you have been to Park City, where are some of your pre and post fueling spots to dine? Drop me a line below!