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Setting Boundaries


Good Morning Gorgeous! Happy 1st Friday in March and, WOW, has it already March? Lately, life has felt like an unbelievable roller coaster; more on this to come BUT, for now, I am simply taking things one day at a time at trying to do my best every step of the way (although I was about to have a moment earlier when trying to book some ME appointments and nothing seemed to work). It was another reminder of something I need to do a whole lot better – setting boundaries.

Recently, every time I pop onto Facebook – typically once a day – I seem to get a new “memory” photo that takes me back to this time last year. Hence this really purdy photo (I LOVE this dress) taken in mid-February. While I am pretty confident 2022 is going to be a very pivotal year for me but I think 2021 may have taken the cake. Don’t get me wrong – this year (I just know it) is going to be filled with a LOT of pivotal moments (personally and professionally) but this time last year I was embarking on something very different. I was learning more and more about myself,  I was about to sign a lease for my new digs, little did I know I was about to meet the man I will (most likely) marry, and I did a much better job of setting boundaries for myself. I am a “do-er,” “go getter,” “let’s see how many things I can do/take on in a day.” I ran that rat race for years before I got burnt out.

And, guess what – I feel like I am right back to that point! Okay Janine, how do we get the wheels back on the track? 

As I have made mention in some previous blog posts since the start of the year, I have taken on some additional work in an effort to counter balance OTHER work that is being navigated through this year. I know that may sound a little funny but I am not quite ready to reveal or share what these next 9-10 months are going to look like, professionally. I came into this year with letting go of the “should I” mentality and just started doing. Instead of “how will this look” I re-framed it to feel more “let’s try it out, see if it opens doors and, if I don’t like it, no harm no foul.” I wanted to see if I got re-energzied and/or that creative spark came back.

Instead, my old school ways of not setting boundaries have me working 7 days a week, waking up to an alarm every single day, driving up and down to the highway between Baltimore and Northern VA, hardly getting to work out myself, and not getting to focus on things like my blog and social media that I LOVE so much.

In my effort to get re-energized, I have found that I am starting to go a bit backwards, and now I need to re-focus on setting boundaries for myself. Gosh, sometimes I feel that I just ramble, and none of this makes sense, yet sometimes I just have to write it down on paper for it to make sense to me!

As I mentioned before, how do I get the wheels back on track? What has to give? Yes, I am very motivated about making more money so I can pay off the debt I have in an effort to start a life with a guy who is very conservative when it comes to money (we balance each other out). Yes, I am very. motivated to continue making a name for myself, and continuing to make connections both in Baltimore and Northern Va.

So where is that sweet spot, and what do I need to do to find it? Win the lottery? I kid – that brings its own issues – but, in all seriousness, what needs to happen so I can feel more like the women in this photo and less like the hamster on a wheel?

Something to think about on a Friday, huh? Hugs and kisses! As always, thank you for being YOU, staying the course with me, and just being such an amazing follower of the “Janine Serio” brand!