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An Historic Train Station Hotel


Good Morning, and Happy, Happy Sunday! I am so happy to be seeing the sun out for longer than a day! I felt like we were in this holding pattern of the weather being downright UGH. Good news, I am waking up this morning, finally, feeling like I am “normal.” Last week was a whirlwind and, as I mentioned in a recent post, it consisted of LONG days. One thing that I did not overly showcase on social media is that I did a brief trip to Denver for a little over 48 hours. I was helping my sister who, recently, had surgery and, well, I did not feel it needed a huge broadcast. Do not worry – I am staying put for a bit just to make sure I am all good post-traveling. Today, though, I am talking about where I stayed while I was there, and how this hotel, literally, sits above an iconic Denver train station.

I have been wanting to stay at The Crawford Hotel since having visited my sister and brother-in-law a few months ago. Generally, my family and I stay at another hotel that is close by but, since I was traveling solo, I thought this was the best time to check it out.


As I just mentioned, what is really cool is that the hotel sits on top of the historic Union Station. It’s hard for me to imagine at times because I compare it to Penn Station in Baltimore and, well, no comparison. Baltimore, why do we, always, get jipped! Ha!


Union Station houses restaurants, coffee shops, bars, shopping, and so much more! It is quaint, yet grand, and you feel like you are being transported back in time. Upon entering, you are immediately whisked into something that just seems magical. The soaring ceilings, chandeliers, rich wood of the benches and tables, the hustle and bustle of “socially distant” people, and the very cool feeling of being in an, did I already mention it, train station.

Since my trip was super short, I did not get to experience all of the amenities the hotel has to offer. Things like priority seating at Snooze an AM Eatery (amazing breakfast spot and always crowded), complimentary coffee from Pigtown Coffee Co. & craft beer from Terminal Bar, transportation to and from via their Tesla town car, etc. Okay, I walk everywhere while I am there (for the most part), but still! Their Cooper Lounge looked so bougie too, and a definite spot the next time I stay here as a guest.

FYI: Although indoor dining had just come back right before my stay, there are a lot of restaurants that are still closed due to Covid, or on Winter Break at the moment.


When I was booking my stay, the various hotel rooms to choose from were just fabulous! While I was very tempted to book myself one of the super cool lofts, I decided to be sensible since I was only sleeping there. I know, BORING! My reservation was for the Pullman Guest Room, and I ended up getting upgraded to a Classic King. Love these kinds of perks!




With its soaring high ceilings, the room was full of rich colors and textures, such as blue, orange, and velvet, amongst a tall furniture and large, modern chandelier that was the perfect touch! Just like the hotel touts, “accommodations capture the excitement of train travel through century-old historical features while thoroughly-modern design and amenities ensure the ultimate, locally-inspired experience” (The Crawford Hotel site). Also, I don’t think I have ever seen windows that tall before!


And how fun and classy is this “mini bar” that adorns the super spacious desk. Too bad none of the cocktails were my favorite.

This is, definitely, a spot when I stay in the future. Hopefully, travel will become a bit more normal as we progress through 2021, and more fabulous experiences, just like these, can be highlighted! Ah, I have missed it so much!