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Feeling Patriotic


Errmygossh, can you believe today begins the Summer Olympics? Okay, I have not been super diligent about following all the details, and really wonder how much I will watch, but it IS the start of the Olympic games after all. This means it’s time to start feeling patriotic, cheer on the red, white, and blue, and do so in your most stylish ensembles yet! Because we should ring in all the athletes in true fashion!

What’s funny is that reds have never been a color staple in my closet. When I think about it, this blouse I am showcasing may be one of the only tops in the color. At least it is by one of my favorite brands! Technically it is “raspberry” but definitely does not look it!

I don’t know why but red has never felt like my color. Please, I have nothing against it – hello, Christmas and Valentine’s Day – it’s just not “Fit4Janine.” I have, though, spotted some fashion items lately that, actually, seem right up my alley, and may need to purchase to wear over the next 2 weeks. In fact, there is more than just the color red to feeling patriotic.

There is nothing like pair of (white) denim shorts, “weans” (ah hem, “white jeans”), blue denim, crips white tees, tanks, or blouses, blue tie-dye, navy blouses, dresses, sunglasses, and clutches, fun patriotic tees & flip flops, white or blue fedoras and, well, you get my drift.

Today, I am sharing my look book full of all things “red, white, and blue” for you to get some inspiration as we kick off the Olympic games. Hope these go for the GOLD! Even if they don’t, a silver, bronze, and just being in the running is amazing!

Wishing you a fun filled weekend, and you are enjoying every minute of this gorgeous Summer weather!


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