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We Are Going Christmas Shopping!


What a fabulous day to kick of my “19 Days of Christmas” series! Not only is it December 1st BUT it is the launch of my BRAND NEW BLOG! If you are reading this right now, you have landed on…and I am SO HAPPY that you are here! And I thought it was a big deal when my name was an “official” trade name. Now, my very own “.com” is making me feel even more like a celebrity. A girl can dream! Couple that, with some Christmas shopping, and I feel on top of the world!

Let’s talk about the “19 Days of Christmas!” If you are new to my blog, Welcome! One thing you will learn about me is that the number “19” has a huge significance in my life. From birthday’s, to anniversary’s, to house purchasing, to credit card payments, etc., this number has been a constant source of strength, struggle, and, most importantly, trusting the process.

Yes, I repeat – TRUSTING THE DAMN PROCESS. Boy, we really had to do so this past year, for sure!

Instead of following suit with the usual “12 Days of Christmas,” I decided to bring MY NUMBER into play, and share with you 19 amazing gifts for everyone on your list! Take a peek at this quick video for some more details!

Make sure to follow me on Instagram & Facebook from today, December 1st, through Saturday, December 19th, to get the scoop on the must have items for everyone on your list! Additionally, if you are interested in more Christmas shopping – or any time of year for that matter – I have dedicated an entire section to my fabulous “A-List” finds. All my go-to gifts are in one place for you to peruse and shop. Ah, just lovely if I do say so myself!

Cheers to the season! Now, let’s shop, and get our merry on!


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