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My Favorite Casual Date Night Outfit

Happy Friday love! I AM SO HAPPY that it is the end of the week, and that the weekend is upon us. Grandma, here, has been out way past her bed time, not really caught up on her sleep from the weekend, and just ready to take a time out. Yes, I get made fun of for being in bed at o’dark early but, you know what, I really don’t care. Besides this post has nothing to do about my sleep schedule. Actually, today I am talking about my favorite casual date night outfit that is just PERFECT for this time of year.

First, for those who feel that white pants should NOT be worn before Memorial Day, I am sorry, I don’t know what to tell you. For this time of year, they are ABSOLUTELY perfect, and I love how this particular pair I am wearing goes beautifully with this gorgeous navy sweater!


There is something downright stunning about navy and white that is classy and chic all while staying casual & simple. See, a perfect date night outfit. You look sharp, not trying too hard, and it bridges the weather gap for this time of year. Add a pop of color with your purse and/or shoes, and you are looking so on point!

While I love my “Blanc” L’Agence Margot jeans, I have to give major props to this “Margaret Sweater” by 27 Miles. I mean, THESE SLEEVES, right?


This sweater has a relaxed look, and gets a bougie boost (ooh, I like that phrase) with the super fun embroidered flowers on the sleeves. I could see this with a fun, pleated skirt & funky tennis shoes too. It’s THAT VERSATILE.

I admit, this was a super hard sweater to find since it has been so popular. I purchased it HERE and, hopefully, it will be in your size so you can snag it for your wardrobe! I highly recommend the brand 27 Miles (plus it is based in Malibu) so you cannot go wrong with anything they showcase!

As always, nothing like a little retail therapy to get you pumped for the weekend, and think about all of those fabulous date nights!