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Dreaming of Summer In Havaianas


This line of flip flops may very well be the best EVER! Yes, I know it is towards the end of April, and we are slowly easing our way into the warmer months but there are no rules when it comes to wearing these kinds of “thongs.” I could totally go in another direction with that comment too but I would stay on track. Let’s face it, I wear flip flops pretty much all year round. I am religious about bi-weekly pedicures, you will find me wearing these around the house, when traveling to warm weather climates in mid-Winter (okay, stretching that a bit) but you get my drift. So, yes, these flip flops FIT the bill way beyond those Summer months. While I could showcase many different varieties I have, today I am focusing on one particular style that dresses up your flip flop game. Time to start dreaming of Summer in Havaianas!

Seriously, if you have not heard of the brand, WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN? I say this sincerely too! Hands down, one of the best flip flops I have ever owned. Even my Mom & Sister drink the Kool-Aid. While they can be found in many major department & shoe stores, going to one of their locations is, always, a fun treat. Think about a wall of color, FUN, and a reminder of blue skies and palm trees. What really comes to mind is that of a candy store. Plus, with all different styles and ways to customize, they can be, totally, Fit4You! Uh huh, you can even add custom pins too! A couple years ago, my Mom purchased my sister a pair, and adorned them with French bulldog pins and OMG so stinkin’ cute. Just in case you are wondering, I am an aunt to an adorable 6 year old Frenchie named Gully.

Can I just say I am SUPER OBSESSED with the “St. Tropez” style which just gives a feminine, flirty flair to what can be a boring flop (no pun intended). I love the patterns and textures, with lots of NEW color combinations that just arrived! FYI, I really do not love feet pictures so I am going out in a limb here by posting this up close and personal photo!¬†

I had seen this color combo for the last couple months and I knew I wanted it in my flip flop rotation. Comfort & stylish are a perfect fit, for sure! Beyond what I am showcasing, here, there is a plethora of other styles from which to choose. From the basic flip flop and sandal, to the wedge, and espadrille, there are so many selections to FIT YOU, and to step out on the beach, at your next pedicure, or on the islands, looking super bougie!

Go purchase these beauties RIGHT NOW and start planning that Summer wardrobe! Yes, that is an order and, trust me, you will be so thankful!

Here’s to staying stylish all the time, and dreaming of Summer in Havaianas! If you have a favorite style or color combination you want to share, please let me know! I would love to hear your recommendations/suggestions!


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