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Cinnamon Oat Muffins With Nut Topping


Finally, the weekend and the SUN is shining. It may be cold AF in Baltimore but I will take the sun over snow, ice, and a dreary landscape. Hope you are doing something that involves staying cozy & warm. One of the things that days like this call for are yummy comfort foods and, for some reason, some fabulous, freshly baked muffins seemed so appropriate. For the gal who does not love sweets, there was something about cinnamon oat muffins with a nut topping that just sounded dreamy alongside a yummy coffee and maybe even an egg casserole too. Plus, if you are going to have a muffin, with a side of sweet, morning seems to be the BEST.

What sets my cinnamon oat muffins apart from other muffins? They are made by me silly! Ha! Seriously, though, I am a stickler for high quality ingredients, and “clean” flours/sugars, so this recipe is as clean as you can get! Made with Paleo flour, gluten free oats, coconut sugar, and grass fed butter, there will be no guilt when eating these beauties.

I take that back; there should never be ANY guilt when eating what you like…in moderation of course.

I take that back too; the term moderation is so overly used I don’t even like to use it. Let’s reframe; eat what you like, until satisfied & with nothing less than enjoyment!

Back to the cinnamon oat muffins! If you want to keep this even more simple, you can eliminate the nut topping (especially if you are allergic). If you do choose to add the topping, feel free to change out the nuts according to your preference. I love the versatility and changing it according to your likes! 🙂

The perfect finishing touch? A super bougie muffin tin that just gives it a whole lot of pizazz!

Hope you enjoy, and let me know if you give it your very own spin. For more fun recipes, make sure to check out all my foodie inspired dishes (and places I love), HERE! You can, also, shop all the ingredients/products I used in this very recipe, below.