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An Essential Brand For Your Closet

Happy Hump Day! This is coming to you from my new favorite cafe in Baltimore (although they have been around for years), my 3rd caffeine drink of the day (love me an Oat Milk Latte), and a delicious Avocado Toast with Egg & Smoked Salmon. Yes, just lovely. I am running on a shitty night of sleep so I knew sitting in my same desk chair was not going to cut it today. Luckily, I have scheduled a handful of appointments that require a whole lot of relaxation. Before I start drifting into facial & massage mode, I cannot wait to share today’s blog post with you. I tout this company all the time on my Instagram stories but, today, I am talking about why this is an essential brand for your closet!

I have been a fan of Aviator Nation for the last couple of years. While I, originally, gravitated towards their outerwear, I have yet to purchase but, instead, went the other route with their tees, hoodie jackets, sweatshirts, track/sweat pants,and even some fun trucker-style hats! I have even given these as gifts; FYI: if you want to be a rockstar, I highly recommend giving one of their fabulous items to anyone on your gift list. It is a crowd pleaser, no matter age or fashion preference! Plus, they are unisex which make picking items out a little easier too! See, it is an essential brand for your closet, or anyone’s closet for that matter! 

Aviator Nation is a “born and raised” California brand that couples the SoCal “surf life” with 1970’s hip fashion. To get more of the details on how it all began, you can check it out HERE. As you will read, the flagship store debuted in Venice Beach circa 2009, and if I had a dollar every time I walked by this establishment when I lived in California…well, I could be rich, but, more importantly, I would have been able to talk about the goods a whole lot sooner! Now I am missing California!

There are a handful of reasons why I feel this is an essential brand for your closet but the BIGGEST one has to do with the fact that it takes athleisure to a whole new level. And, with the way of the world going casual, you can stay fashionable, chic, and warm/cool 365 days per year.


For example, I am not a track suit kind of gal at all BUT this ensemble I am showcasing, with their signature 5 stripe in velvet, just spoke to me. And, somedays, when I want to feel super bad ass, I throw on my neon, cropped “bolt” sweatshirt with a pair of joggers and be on my way! For the record, I like to think I am a bad ass but I am really just a good girl. Sorry to disappoint!

Whether you like more traditional, or want to go bold; like the look of clean lines with stripes or a lightening bolt, there are so many options for you at Aviator Nation! Cozy, fun, and some amazing pieces to add to your closet. Whether you purchase one, or have multiples, these will be items that you will have FOREVER. Think classy meets trendy.

And, in case you are wondering about size due to the fact they are unisex (mind you, not all are), they are pretty true to what you normally wear. They do a great job of letting you know fit and so forth too!

Take a peek, below, to shop the very looks that I have – some are in different colors – and see what other options may be the perfect fit for you! I know I have my eye on a couple other pieces, but what else is new!

Happy Wednesday!


Shop My Aviator Nation Looks!