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Why Invitations Need Not Be Boring or Basic

Basic Invite-Invitations-Janine Serio

Happy Last Friday in May! Where did the time go? All of this sheltering in place has made time go by pretty fast, right? With life, slowly, starting to get back – I know normal is a long way off – it, definitely, makes me think about getting back into my groove. And by “groove,” I mean, I am ready to host gatherings, birthday parties, dinner parties, etc…socially distant of course! One of the things that I LOVE about throwing a good party are some really fabulous invitations. I have done the online invite “thing” but there is something so not personal about it, and something so 2020 about it too! I know, I get it, BUT I think actual invitations in the mail are so not BASIC; they are so FABULOUS!

Although, my go-to invitation & stationary company is BASIC…

Their name is BASIC INVITE after all!


One of the reasons I fell in love with this site, besides it being my go-to for birthday invitation card(s), it is, also, one of the very few online experiences that allow you, the customer, to put on your creativity hat. That’s right! You get to play around with infinite color combinations and instant online previews. In my opinion, this is one of the biggest draws to the company – you can create the card precisely how you want it! YASSS!

Don’t you love how these invitations can be made “Fit4You?”

There is a plethora of invitations from which to choose – from Wedding, Graduation, and Baby, to Birthday (I just had a family member put together a 21st birthday party invitation and they looked super bougie), and a handful of other events. Did I mention they also have stationary?

In addition to being able to customize & create beautiful invitations, things like custom samples, 40 different envelope colors, and free address collection service are just a few of the amazing services they offer. I mean, look at how FUN this “35th Birthday” invitation sample I put together & received a few days later!


One of the, other, things I like to do is change up “traditional” invitations and turn them into greeting cards. It’s personalized, it’s FUN, and it comes straight from the heart! I think this is why I like their stationary too. It’s expressive of your style and personality, and, hopefully, brings a smile, and a little cheer, to the person receiving!

And, with an upcoming 35th Birthday at the end of the year – hey, I don’t want to wish the year away but I have to start planning – I know the place where I will be designing my birthday invitation card.

Make sure to check out the BASIC INVITE site TODAY! Trust me, you will love everything they have to offer, and why not get a little creative at the same time?

Cheers to Friday, dreaming of future parties and gatherings, and some beautiful invitations!