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Fast Fashion Friday

janine-anthropologie-sassanova-fast fashion

Happy 1st Friday in June, and here’s to a little FAST FASHION to kick off the weekend! Uh huh, yes, I am doing a whole series on Friday’s in June about making fashion not hard or complicated, BUT easy (and FAST)! Let’s just say, during this quarantine, I have done a LOT of shopping, and I cannot wait to showcase some of the beauties in my closet.

Back to the matter at hand. I have heard from so many women who are looking for simple ideas to take their wardrobe game to the next level (or from the workday to happy hour), and this is, exactly, what I will be sharing with you each week.

To kick things off, I thought I would share how I took a simple romper and kept it casual, then dressed it up. Side Note: I could NOT get a good picture of my “dressier” shoes, hence why there is a stock photo! Ha!

There is something about a fabulous romper that is just, well, FABULOUS! And, this seems to be what is totally trending right now too!

Janine-Fast Fashion-Anthropologie-Sassanova-Baltimore

This Francesca Balloon-Sleeved Romper from Anthropologie is not only ridiculously comfortable BUT it is so versatile too! Take for example what I paired it with for a casual look – these cute sneaks by Vintage Havana in “Lolita” and this hip “Greyson Tote” by Haute Shore (oh yes, you have seen me tout this company before)! Both of these items were purchased from my go-to boutique in Baltimore, Sassanova.

Janine-Fast Fashion-Sassanova-Baltimore

How do I change the casual game? Jewelry, of course, is a great way, and I will be showcasing different baubles in the next few weeks, but I am a tad bit obsessed with this “Blaire Bag” by Gemelli. You guessed it, I purchased from Sassanova. And it dresses up this romper to a “T!” This clutch was based after “Blair Waldorf” from the TV series “Gossip Girl.” Yes, I may have watched it back in the day, and I may be re-watching it right about now too.

Janine-Fast Fashion-Sassanova

Finally, I took off those fashion forward sneaks AND replaced them with these “Cessy” by Gaimo wedges from, yes, Sasanova! When I say it is my go-to spot…it is my go-to spot! These were the perfect touch to take this outfit from day to night! I promise, when I get a better picture – and a pedicure – these gorgeous kicks will be showcased again!


FYI: These shoes are part of Sassanova’s “Insane Sale” they have running right now. Take a peek at their website to get all of the details!

Here’s to a very fashionable Friday! I hope it is a great one for you, and an awesome weekend ahead!