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My Bougie Summer Amazon Finds!


Hey you! Happy “Taco Tuesday,” and how is it the last day of June already?! Although, based on the hot, humid, and sticky conditions Baltimore has been experiencing, it might as well be August. What’s new with you? Have you been up to anything fun? Vacations? Dining Out? Online shopping, such as hunting for your latest Bougie Summer Amazon finds like myself? I know, shameless plug but more on this shortly!

Yesterday was the first “Happy Hour” I had in a restaurant since back in March and, well, it did feel different. I was getting pictures for some upcoming content, and one of my stops was at Greenspring Station in Baltimore. After the “work” was complete, it was a must that I patronize their on-site restaurant to not only take a time out but, more importantly, SUPPORT. Much of my time has been spent sitting in front of a computer so it was nice to break the routine and get social again. I have missed it so damn much!

If you had asked me last year that we would spend 2-3 months self isolating, “social distancing” would be a trending term, and your business model would be totally non-existent, I would have said “yeah, that’s a good one; life is tough enough.”

This past weekend, along with most of last week, I spent wiping the slate clean. Yup. Rebuilding, refocusing, and rebranding for a new look and vibe coming this Fall. One thing that I have learned over these last few months is that adapting and changing course does not have to be scary (okay, maybe a little) but exciting and a 2nd chance.

A 2nd chance that I am going to thrive on, and take my brand/business to the top, even if that means staying negative in the bank account. Boo. I have been working THIS now for the last 3 years and, while I have changed course, and learned a lot along the way, it is, FINALLY, time to make it BIG. You know, “go big or go home.” So, if this means spending the next 2 months aligning, refining, and getting super specific with my brand & niche, then so be it!

Something else I have done while sitting on my ass, and in between business plans, is to do a little shopping on Amazon. Yes!!! I used to think Amazon was strictly for the “basics” BUT little did I know you can purchase pretty much ANYTHING – name brands and all! Take a peek at my Amazon Storefront to see the latest items that are, totally, Fit4Janine. Make sure to check back, often, since I am, consistently, updating!

While I could be sharing with you anything and everything that I find and purchase, I am narrowing it down to some specifics and, no, some of these are not just Summer finds but items that I think should be an absolute LIFESTYLE MUST! Yup, that is right!

You ready? Let’s do this! Here are some of my favorite bougie Summer Amazon finds!

Let’s start with FOOD! Yes, some food, some gadgets but it is all relative! These are my top, go-to items that are trending in my Amazon cart this Summer! And, yes, some I have had for a bit but they are, still, trending!

Ever since this “Nespresso Frother” was purchased, my coffee game has never been the same! 4 different settings – 2 hot foam, hot milk, and cold milk. Ah, it is just AMAZING. This baby even went with me to St. Maarten’s this past February. See, it is super easy to pack too!

You know what else goes beautifully with my coffee? These Purely Elizabeth “Cauli Hot” Cereal containers. I was introduced to these last September and, recently, I picked some up for a change of pace. Needless to say, my morning routine has been in a bit of a rut to say the least. THIS, on the occasion, has been an awesome treat, and so darn satisfying too. Add a dollop of almond butter and you are good to go. Grain free and low carb friendly for my peeps who are following this lifestyle. Side Note: If I am really hungry, I will pair it with a veggie omelet too. Geez, now I am hungry.

If you have been reading my blog(s), you know I am a huge fan of the Siete Foods line of products, and these tortillas are on repeat, weekly. I love that they go with ANYTHING – breakfast, lunch, dinner – and I love supporting a small business whose ingredients are clean and nutritious! Hey, it is “Taco Tuesday” too after all!

And, before I move on to my fashion finds, I need to give a shout-out to a locally owned company that is creating some flipping awesome dressings & marinades – Tessemae’s. If you have not tried any of their amazing products, what is stopping you? Let’s just say it is expected at family gatherings now (and that may be saying a lot)! I kid but, seriously, they are a huge hit and the ingredients are super clean, which is a big check in my book!

Nespresso - Summer - Amazon Finds Purely-Elizabeth-Amazonn Siete Foods Tessemae's-Summer-Amazon

What are your thoughts on these bougie Summer Amazon finds? 

Next up, FASHION! One of the things I do love about Amazon is that they tend to carry different colors/prints than what you can find in store or even online. Take the ridiculously cute (and suede) Sam Edelman “Hazel” Pumps in Cantaloupe that I recently purchased. These have been a struggle to find and I was so pumped when I saw on Amazon. I know, such PROBLEMS! I may have purchased a pair in Navy too!

Love the FUN twist on the flip flop with the latest “St. Tropez” style from Havaianas. Doesn’t it make you want to be in St. Tropez right now? A handful of color combinations to choose from BUT I am kind of smitten with this one. Have I shared that my flip flop rotation are various trending Havaianas? My Mom is a bit obsessed with the company as well, and she may have even scored a pair from me as well. By the way, I love the “Prime Wardrobe” option on Amazon. You can choose up to 8 items, try when they arrive, AND, if you like, you pay for what you keep, or just return what you don’t like! How awesome is THAT?

The high-waisted short has been one of my BFF’s! I have an hour glass figure that, sometimes, poses a problem with shorts and pants. Basically, good luck getting past quadzillla but, once you do, it means being a little too big around the waist. That gap in the back is just a big fat NO. These “Grace Karin Bow Knot High Waisted Shorts” are super versatile, especially for the price point and fit beautifully. Plus, when buying trendy colors, such as this mint green I chose, I rather not break the bank. FYI: 30 colors/prints to choose from!

Now, TEE SHIRTS. This is one item that I never seem to have! I have a lot of “dressy” tops but nothing simple to go with shorts or causal athleisure. One thing, though, is that I can be super picky about my tees, meaning I want them to look, feel, and be high quality! I ended up finding these fabulous cashmere Summer shirts that come in a handful of bold and bright colors. I was torn with color choices but I decided to try a basic white which would go with everything. The verdict? Oh yes, I will be ordering more! Light, soft, and just takes your tee shirt game to the next level!

What are your thoughts on these bougie Summer Amazon finds? 

And finally…

TRAVEL! Something I have missed, dearly, and cannot wait to pick it back up in the Fall – TRAVEL. Mind you, some of these items may fall in the realm of food too, but, since it is part of my travel repetoire, they need to be HERE!

I have been on a kick with my collagen lately. I swear it made my nails rebound 10x faster post gel polish removal during the quarantine. Beyond that, as I get older I worry about joint health, skin, digestive, etc. So, I make sure to pack enough of my Vital Proteins Single Serve Collagen Packets for the duration of my stay. Trust me, your body will thank you for keeping some kind of routine up!

How I pack? Yes, not only am I a neat freak BUT even my luggage has to be organized. I am a huge fan of the Briggs & Riley line, and these packing cubes I bought 2 years have come in SO HANDY! Mind you, this can be used for anything but I tend to put all of my shoes in the various sizes because a – I do not want my shoes laying on top of my clothes and b – it just helps save space (although I am such an over packer).

Now, my carry on bag, and it has become a favorite! The “Lole Quilted Lily Bag” is, hands down, the best bag you will own! So many compartments, so many ways to use it, and forgiving as all get out, especially when you have to push it underneath the seat in front of you on the plane, or in an overhead bin. Wipe it clean to keep it looking sharp and rid of plane, train, and automobile ick. Yes, a must for YOU!

Finally, this piece of luggage I purchased when I lived in California for 12 weeks back in 2017. Omgosh, it was the BEST! I filled it with all of my favorites, and came back with even MORE favorites. It was one less expense when I moved there, and one less trip I had to make! If you are a wine snob like me, and want to bring your own wine when traveling OR want to bring back some awesomeness too, then this wine suitcase by “Wine Check is just for you! Just like it says, you can check it with you other bags and it comes with a styrofoam insert that secures a case of vino! People will think you are pretty bougie, for sure!

Vital Proteins-Summer-Amazon Briggs & Riley-Summer-Amazon Lole Bag-Summer-Amazon Wine Check-Amazon

Phew, and that is a wrap, or do you want to keep shopping? Now, go purchase some of these fabulous “Bougie Summer Amazon Finds,” and let me know how they have become “Fit4You!” As always, anything you find that you want me to try out, let me know! I love great recommendations!