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Shop Local, Shop Gorgeous Jewelry

Gorgeous Jewelry Butterfly2

Good Morning, and HAPPY SUNDAY gorgeous! How has your weekend been so far? Although I did not visit a pumpkin patch, it seems that was the trending theme for a LOT of people I chatted with. Okay, maybe I overheard while getting my nails done a couple days ago. It’s that and everyone seems to be pregnant too. Random, I know, but it is inevitable there will be a LOT of  “Corona Babies” over the next few months. Honestly, there is something about putting the word “Corona” before “Baby” which does not seem cool. Enough baby talk. On to another topic – JEWELRY! I know, I am covering some subjects today! More importantly, let’s talk about this gorgeous jewelry from a local, Baltimore artist/designer whose work is not only unique & one-of-a-kind, but she is such a “gem” too! In fact, I have known her for years, and Instagram connected us once again!

Gorgeous Jewelry White Sweater

Necklace: Made of Chalcedony & Pearls

Top: “Bethany” Sweatshirt from Nation LTD

Purchased at Mason Mayes (currently sold out) so I am linking to another establishment that has it in stock!

Designer Sally Moore not only handcrafts some BEAUTIFUL pieces, she is, also, a beast in the gym! We were, first, introduced about 10 years ago when she started working out at the gym where I was training. Now, she has turned trainer herself, and is making waves in the industry! While we would see each other here and there around town – Baltimore is “Smalltimore” people – we connected a couple months ago, via Instagram, to catch up but, also, to discuss how we could assist & promote each other’s business endeavors.

Side Note: You know how there are certain people who are in your life that you feel super comfortable sharing a lot with? That person who you can pick up after 10 years and feel like only a week has gone by? Yes, that is one of the many traits that I adore about Sally. She is warm, genuine, and REAL!

Gorgeous Jewelry Butterfly2

Gorgeous Jewelry Butterfly

Earrings: Made of Labradorite & Vermeil

Top: “Carmel” Tie Dye Blouse in Purple Motif by Maeve for Anthropologie

As I am sure you can imagine, I jumped at the opportunity to showcase and highlight her work! With fashion being at my core, finding the right statement pieces can be like finding a needle in a haystack. I was overwhelmed with all of her unbelievably unique creations – the stones she uses are incredible – and I could, totally, see them complementing my style.

One of the things that helped me take some of the guesswork out is by having Sally pair pieces of jewelry to some upcoming outfits I was going to be showcasing. P.S. Sally, I have a handful more I will be sending your way too!

While I love pairing myself, I, truly, appreciate a designers eye for what THEY see based on their creations. Not only did I want the outfit to stand out BUT I wanted the jewelry to make a statement as well. Sometimes, we lose focus, and one ends up overshadowing the other OR they are not getting the attention they deserve. This is what makes a true fashionista; combining BOTH of these elements to make an ensemble stand out. Everything gets attention! Sally helped me to just that, and then some!

P.S.S. This picture is NOT playing tricks on your eyes. Best one to showcase the necklace!

Gorgeous Jewelry Berries

Necklace: Made of Rubies, Pearls, & Iolite

These can be worn 3 ways too! More to come with the versatility; I simply thought the drop style looked so much better on me than more of a choker. 

Top: Cece “Puff Sleeve” Crepe Top

And, by then some, I had so many people fall in love with them that Christmas gifts are being ordered for myself, family, and friends!

After sending Sally a handful of pictures of the various items I would be photographed in, she provided me a few options to mix and match for each piece. From there, I chose the ones that I thought “FIT” me the best and, AH, so in love with them all…just like I love this beret!

Gorgeous Jewelry Drop

Earrings: Made of Pearl & Oxidized Sterling

Jumpsuit: Farm Rio “Mixed Nanaju” Jumpsuit

Beret: Mariel Boutique in Cherry Creek, Colorado

While I am only showing a small portion of her collection, there are so many other pieces to choose from (and I am sure she would customize as well)! As I mentioned, the stones she uses are so beautiful, and the combinations are so unique! Did you see the necklace I showcased, above, that is adorned with berries? I mean, HOW COOL?!?! Additionally, I linked the outfits/items that are available for you to purchase! See, it is a fashion “win win,” and nothing like some retail therapy on a Sunday!

Take a peek at some more of her amazing work! Oh, and don’t worry, plenty more to be come SOON! Make sure to connect with Sally on Facebook and Instagram! If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out, and I can connect you to her as well! 🙂

Shop Local, Shop Gorgeous Jewelry!


Gorgeous Jewelry Pearls

Gorgeous Jewelry Pearl

Necklace & Earrings: Made of Pearls

Coat: Mariel Boutique in Cherry Creek, Colorado

Turtleneck: A Theory Classic! Old style but I am linking to all of their 2020 versions!

Gorgeous Jewelry Leopard

Necklace: Made of Black Moonstone

Jacket: J.Crew Leopard Bomber Sweater Jacket (Nordstrom Exclusive)

Gorgeous Jewelry Yellow Tunic

Necklace: Made of Labradorite & Sterling Silver

Tunic: Sunny Day Puff-Sleeved Tunic for Anthropologie

Coat: T Tahari “Ella” Wrap Coat

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