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Shrimp & Saffron Risotto


There is something about risotto this time of year that is just comforting, nourishing, and can be dressed up, down, and with so many different accoutrements. This is true when you get a little fancy with seafood, such as shrimp I chose for this dish. That or what was on hand, ha!

This dish was a bit of an accident, as my original intention was to create a paella; BUT after not having all the ingredients I needed, and not feeling like going to the grocery store, I made what I had on hand to create this “Shrimp & Saffron Risotto.”

Case in point – RICE & SAFFRON! Go figure; the basis of this dish! Typically, and traditionally, arborio rice is the preferred choice. When I opened the cabinet to only find Jasmine well, guess what I used? And, yes, it worked just fine!

As for the saffron, since I don’t keep threads on hand, adding turmeric and paprika to the boiling water – pre-rice- worked beautifully! Love a good win!

Regardless, it was delicious, and it was the Sunday before Thanksgiving, so I wanted something EASY and not poultry. Am I right, or am I right?⠀

Today on my blog, I am sharing a super easy recipe that uses MOST ingredients that you have on hand, and even swap out the proteins too! I wanted to keep things a bit fancy by using shrimp but any fish, beef, or, ah hem, poultry or pork would be fantastic too!

This dish, also, makes some fabulous leftovers too – breakfast, lunch, or dinner!

Wishing a whole lot of fun and ease with this dish! Whether it is whipped up for a casual, yet fancy, weeknight dish, or for a small, intimate dinner party, I hope you LOVE!

Cheers to a little Sunday Funday! You deserve it!