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Staying Merry During the Pandemic


Here’s to a new week! Yes, the weekends usually go super fast but  add the pomp & circumstance of the Christmas season and, now, it just feels like a whole bunch of being overwhelmed! How can we stay MERRY with everything going on right now?

Something I have thought about recently is staying “merry” during the pandemic. It’s hard; really f-ing hard! You want to block it out, and you hope the Christmas movies that you watch will bring you joy & comfort, along with wrapping and baking, but it feels like that relative that will just not leave a party!

As I always share, politics and religion are two topics that I rarely discuss – religion if ever – because these are two areas that are personal, controversial, and, well, not platform to speak on either. BUT, where I am about to go is political, and while not my intention, I am going there.

I am the first to admit that while I 100% acknowledge and understand the severity of this virus, I am, also, about living your life the fullest, and the “fullest” we can get right now. Yes, I wear a mask when unable to be socially distant, and I quarantined when I traveled, and I am following the rules/protocols, but, at some point, we need to live our life, and do so without fear and worry.

To hear politicians, elected officials, and the media for that matter, turn, twist, manipulate, and say things that, in my opinion, go against our rights as Americans, and are using this pandemic for their own gains, is downright selfish, mind f-‘s, and making the people question if our country will ever be the same.

These are the very individuals who are turning people “bat shit crazy” about all of this. 

You are going to come and knock on my family’s door during Thanksgiving/Christmas to see how many people are inside? Umm, you have no right.

Wear a mask for 100 days – “just 100 days” – and take credit for all that our President has done? We are wearing masks- wtf.

Lets lockdown & shutdown our economy, once again, and let small businesses fold, lay people off, and hope for the best. That is EXACTLY what our country does NOT need and, especially, around the Holiday’s.

When you hear all of this, coupled with the season, you wonder how “merry” can you actually get? My biggest words of wisdom go a little something like THIS – you know your social responsibility but don’t let that be a negative hinderance on not enjoying what this season is all about. I know it is different, and we cannot be together with our extended families, but the more we focus on the negative, the less we become better versions of our current selves. Right now, it’s hard, it feels icky, and we want normalcy. We are tired but we are strong. With every day, let’s focus on something that brings us joy.

Maybe today it is finishing up your Christmas shopping, while your favorite Christmas movie is playing.

Maybe you want to start looking into places to travel in the New Year, and start planning the itinerary.

Maybe you stay home, in your pajamas, pour yourself a glass of champagne with lunch, and play Christmas music all day.

Whatever brings you happiness, DO IT. Turn the news off – we ALL KNOW – make the best decisions possible for you & your family, turn off the “noise” when it comes to what your friends are doing (DO YOU), and just remember this is temporary, and you are creating life skills (and mental toughness) for years to come.

The only way our world will be different is if we give into this virus. Let’s be stronger than it!

Once again, these opinions are strictly my own! I will always respect yours and, in turn, kindly respect mine. If you want more “Monday Motivation” pieces, make sure to check out the “Inspire” section of my blog!


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Cheers to a great week, and staying MERRY!