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I Got Through It


Do you ever wake up in the morning wondering “okay, what day is it” and “where am I?” That is kind of what it felt like today, and I am not just “blaming” it on the fact that my alarm went off at 4:00 am. Ugh, I know – gross how early! I used to be able to roll right out of bed, get myself together in a timely fashion, and then be on my way. Those were the days of being in high school, wearing a uniform, and no coffee (gasp) or even breakfast (or it was something quick on the fly against my Mother’s wishes). I got through it, and it’s funny how this very statement keeps coming back up in life.

A lot has been happening over the past few days, hence my absence on just getting another BLOG post up today. I spent most of yesterday at the computer which is maybe WHY I felt in a daze this morning. I don’t like having days where I just sit but, sometimes, it is what is needed to get shit down. I did manage to go up and down the stairs a bajillion times to do laundry, ran out to grab lunch and some essentials for dinner, did some packing, etc. Honestly, it was a good day to have all of this happen since the weather in Baltimore was less than pretty! Snow, ice, rain, snow, ice – a HOT MESS. Snow I have no problem; ice is a totally different story! I guess those of us in Baltimore and other parts of the East Coast need to be so thankful. I mean, the SNOW and COLD that the Midwest is experiencing is beyond imaginable!

Speaking of “storms,” I was reminded of a great quote this morning that gave me the inspiration to write this post. I have become a huge fan of the “Mindset of Greatness” community, and, really, one would think I kind of was getting a bit “woo woo” in my (old) age…NAHHHH. What I have been doing is listening to my gut and intuition.

“The best feeling in the world is when you wake up one day and say to yourself, DAMN, that was hard but I got through it. I am wiser, happier, and more grateful because of what I learned from it” (Sylvester McNutt III).

“Sometimes, when you are in the midst of a storm it may seem that there is no way out. You are right. The is no way out; the only way is through. But, when you get through, it’s just so damn glorious.” 

I shared with my therapist this week that I feel like I am back in this place of being on “autopilot.” I am just going through the day to day grind, suppressing my emotions, keeping that “I am polite and well mannered” demeanor when I kind of want to tell people off, burying myself in my work, and, well, if you have been here, you get it. It’s kind of hard to put into words, and I do not view myself as one who puts their emotions or past experiences “in a box.” A question that she asked me, and one that I ask clients, too, when they are going through a bit of a slump with their fitness, nutrition, lifestyle, etc. is “what is the WORST thing that could happen IF…”

“Janine, what is the WORST thing that could happen IF you just let your emotions be your emotions.” It doesn’t make you “bad” or “weak.” It makes you human.

If feeling “lighter,” “less stressed,” “less anxious,” and “less stuck,” this may be what is needed. And, if listening to your gut and intuition has been any indication thus far, just think what could come of ALL this if you just LET IT OUT and LET IT GO! Oh gosh, does that song start playing in your head? Ha!

Thank you for being here to listen, and to start my process of letting it out. See, not so scary…I got through it. I know, vague, but it’s a process, right? Happy Wednesday you awesome YOU, and stay warm, and SAFE) if you are reading this from a state that is seeing record breaking temperatures!


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