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Blame It On The Goose


No, I am not referring to part of the song lyrics by Lizzo’s “Juice” – I love that song though! What I am talking about is why you absolutely need to invest in a pair of Golden Goose sneakers! Yes, you heard me; a MUST! You could blame it on the goose – the Grey Goose – for talking you into the purchase. Seriously, everyone needs a pair!!!

I am not going to sugar coat it; these sneakers come with a bit of a price tag. All I can say is that they are SO WORTH IT, and an investment. I may forever live in my shoes, LOL. I was introduced to the line when I was living in California back in 2017. I did not know how to feel about them since, for the price, they looked pretty beat up and distressed. But, as my fashion has evolved, I kept going back to them.

They just spoke to me!

And, as they got more and more popular, I was NOT going to be left in the dust!

These are a recent purchase that I JUST ADORE! I love, love, love the leopard genuine calf hair accents on this high top too. Although not their traditional low top, there was something about these that just screamed “Janine!” While this is a woman’s style, the men’s line has some fabulous leopard accented ones too!


Again, I know these come with a price tag but, trust me, whomever these are gifted to (or even yourself), you will have them forever! They are fun, timeless, trendy, and unique to you! If an animal print is not your bag, there are SO MANY others from which to choose! Seriously, a FIT for everyone in your life!

So, while you can “blame it on the goose,” you could, also, “blame it on Janine.”

Because you will be looking super hip and fly, whether as the gift giver or the receiver (for yourself that is)!

Cheers to Wednesday!