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Everything Happens For a Reason


I wish I could say I was feeling a little more motivated than I am right now. Well, I am writing this post, which is productive, and I am working on some NEW stuff for the re-brand/re-launch of my blog, so, okay, there is some motivation! Ha! Lately, I have been sharing a LOT of motivation/inspiration posts, this includes what I bringing to the table today. I want to talk about everything happens for a reason! Yes, I have had some things happen in my life, recently, that have me reflecting on this very statement!

Sometimes, it is really hard to see the “forest for the trees,” but, as I have gotten older, I am more and more convinced that everything happens for a reason. The hard part to all of this though – PATIENCE! Well, at least for me!

I am one of those individuals who has a really hard time with things being left unanswered, as well as someone who wants to “write the story” about what is going to happen in the future. Believe me, that is not the healthiest thing to do because it becomes a vicious cycle of emotions.

We live in a world where we want instant gratification. The hardest lesson to learn, though, is that we need to focus on living in a world that trusts letting the chips fall the way they are supposed to fall. We can try to manipulate it but 9 times out of 10, we lose.

Instant gratification can be viewed in 2 ways…

– Positive & exciting – you are energized by the possibility and potential of what is to come; you know there will be work involved, and some sadness/disappointment along the way,  but you trust that things will all work out as planned.

– The best analysis I can give is doing an hours worth of cardio. Yes, you did it, and you burned 500+ calories, but that is it. Calories are one and done – you are not going to get that after effect as if your were strength training – and it is going to have you wanting to do more!

Let me use the example of dating.

Dating in this era is HARD, and let’s throw Covid on top of it as well. I was told that dating in 2020 – pandemic aside – is like wanting to have a baby but you cannot get pregnant on your own. Fertility treatments suck, and it is unnatural, but the reward is what you have always wanted. Dating apps; they suck, and it is unnatural, but the reward is what you have always wanted (again, assuming that is why you are on a dating app). Well, my 2nd point, below, may negate that statement.

Dating can be seen in a few different ways. Yes, I am putting my therapist hat on right now and these are merely my opinion.

– Looking for your future spouse, and excited about the process – work, dedication, and commitment

– Looking for companionship and just casual sex – no commitments, no wear is this going, yada, yada

– Trying to get over heartbreak – hey, I completely understand it! 

– Just want to be able to tell people you are dating – ha, come on, this is a thing! 

All of the above can be a form of instant gratification but there is really only ONE that has you trusting the process, focused on patience & understanding, and knowing that everything happens for a reason. Any guesses which one I am referencing? This is really hard, I know! 

Again, dating is just one example but it’s coming to the understanding that patience is, truly, a virtue and you really need to let things happen as they are supposed to happen. The more we push, the further back we go. Ease into uncertainty; feel it, meet it with understanding.

As a small business owner for the last 6 years, I feel this every single day. There is no certainty, and the struggle is real, but you keep putting your best foot forward because you believe in yourself, your business, making a difference, and knowing that your dreams will, absolutely, become a reality (you just have to see through it).

Here’s to a little Monday Motivation for you! Hope this week brings nothing but positivity, and some POSITIVE instant gratification!