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Velvet & Chartreuse: The Season’s Hottest Duo

john fluevog

Why good morning Sunday…and November 1st…and an extra hour of sleep! Wow, a lot of hands in the air for today! Just like that, we are in a new month, the Halloween decorations are being put away, and now it is time to get our MERRY on for the Holiday season! Speaking of which, if you have not signed up for my weekly email newsletter, I, highly recommend you do so! From today, until the week before Christmas, I am sharing all of my go-to gifts for the Holiday season. While some of them will overlap with what I share here, on my blog, and social media, a majority will be for my subscribers ONLY! My personal treat to you! Make sure you get on the list to get some of my “self-care” favorites this weekend, while velvet & chartreuse beauties, like the ones I am talking about TODAY, coming soon!

‘Tis The Season for Velvet & Chartreuse

Yes, the word is out; VELVET & CHARTREUSE are the fabric & color people are going gaga over this year. I promise, not just me! From what I, continue, to see, this fabulous duo is making waves from pants & sweaters, to dresses, shoes, accessories and much more!

Today, I am sharing the LATEST pieces I have in my closet, and ones that I, truly, think you will adore – whether it be for yourself OR a lovely gift under the Christmas tree. That’s right, velvet & chartreuse are this season hottest duo.

Merida Velvet Joggers in Dried Raspberry

Janine Velvet

Could these get any cuter and, btw, you need to trust me when I say they are ridiculously comfortable you will want to wear them every single day! I paired with a FUN, puffy sleeved sweatshirt but I have also thrown on a pullover & tee, with some fun sneakers.

As for size, I am, generally, a small but I could have, probably, done an XS. Big up around my waist but they naturally fall to my hips which still looks good (I dislike when ANYTHING looks too big)!

There are 3 different colors from which to choose but I still think these are the BEST out of them all! Maybe it is because they are in my signature color, or maybe it is because they are bold and fun but still subtle at the same time.

While I think these would be perfect for just about ANYONE, the fashionista in your life “who still wants to be stylish when comfy,” would be all of these gorgeous joggers! And, come on, they are VELVET too! How cozy!!!

Raleigh Textured Sweater in Chartreuse


Okay THIS SWEATER is just fabulous! The “chartreuse” color looks exactly the same online as in person and I could not be more thrilled with how gorgeous it is for something pretty plain, yet so incredibly soft. I love the puffed sleeves – hello, so in right now – and the mock turtleneck too. I paired with this “with a pair” of L’Agence “Margot Coated Jean” in Basil & heels and, let just say the Usher song started playing “OMG.”

Hurry, though, this beauty is going FAST! I am going to use my Mom as an example of someone who this would be the perfect gift for this year. While she is super stylish, there some colors she tends to think are not suited for her, yet, she is really working on upping her style game. This may not be something she would pick out for herself but, as a gift, it would be super trendy, FUN, and, again, something she would not necessarily buy for herself!

In years past, I have found this to be a harder color to work with but, lately, the hues that have been showcased are just so on point!

As for size, it is a little oversized but a small, for me, fits the best! So, “true to size” is ideal.

L’Agence Oriana Velvet Jean in Noir

Janine L'Agence Velvet

I have fallen in love with this brand for many reasons BUT I do want to preface that it comes with a bit of a price tag. In my opinion, though, if you find a pair of denim that makes you look good, feel good, is beyond flattering, and downright soft, than I am all about making the investment. In fact, I have pretty much converted my closet over to this line, solely.

The “Oriana” Velvet Jean is designed as high waisted, straight legged, and features a stretch material for a flattering and elongated fit! For me, this perfect, especially with more of an hour glass, athletic shop (it hugs the booty and quadzillas beautifully)!

It seems “Size 27” across the board works the best for me, which is a numeric size 4. Yes, there is give and I could, possibly, go to a Size 26 but I like the extra room while still keeping things look fitted!

Who could you see these on? Just about anyone, and a great gift too! Again, with the price tag, some may be shy with making that investment but, trust me, it is so worth it! Plus, when you purchase from the L’Agence site, you get 15% off for signing up for their mailing list.

I may have even paired this look with velvet heels that I just adore! I mean, everyone needs to have a pair of those in their closet.

Hana Velvet Top in Bright Berry

Janine Velvet Top

Again, I am a sucker for the color; seriously, HOW GORGEOUS. I am not terribly pleased with how I paired it BUT you cannot style them all, HA! This top, also, comes in a “Deep Green” which would be PERFECT for the Holiday Season! I envision this to be worn on Thanksgiving or Christmas, when you are doing a lot of cooking in the house, yet want to look festive and not over heated. I take this advice from my Mama.

This silhouette style brings a little elegance and merriment to what would be just a plain old top if weren’t for the dashing sleeves and swing style bodice. This top, for me, ran pretty true to size, so I went with my normal size small. Some feel it is too big; again, the purpose it to be a bit more loose but just my opinion.

The “Diana” in Yellow Paisley

john fluevog

I may beg to differ and call this “Yellow Chartreuse” instead. These John Fluevog boots are simply sunning, and I cannot wait to pair them with some other looks this Fall! I am not sure what I love more – the detail, the “Chelsea Boot,” the slip on style? Ah, can I just say I love them all!!! What is really cool is that they are named after the fashion icon, herself, Princess Diana. While these come in a black, patent leather print, these are just a whole lot more fun, and a total “where did you get those shoes” question every time you wear them!

If you want more scoop on another pair of John Fluevog’s that I purchased back in September, take a peek at THIS post!

Another signature piece for your shoe game, and one that is well worth the investment! Definitely a fashionista gift, and one who can rock the conservative, but then go really, really bold!

Hope you are getting a little inspired, and getting a little EXCITED for the Holiday season! We need it and deserve it!

Oh, and I hope the excitement involves a little velvet & chartreuse!



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