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Feeling Aligned In These Crops


Hey YOU! Happy Wednesday! 🙂 Hope your week has been stellar thus far! What’s up in your life, besides the on-going political blah blah and the media blasting everything Coronavirus. You know, I should, probably, be more concerned about all of this BUT what are we supposed to do? I, already, am a freak when it comes to germs, so hand washing is always going down. I do my absolute best to stay healthy when it comes to proper nutrition, workouts, etc. Are we supposed to never go outside again? Are we not supposed to live our best life? Is feeling aligned and “normal” 

I get it; there is a real fear for some and, yes, this is a very serious situation but, to live our life in fear – or this mass hysteria of purchasing paper towels and toilet paper – is not going to help matters. Honestly, I feel like it amps it up even more, and gives politicians another reason to blame President Trump. Because, let’s face it, somehow this is his fault, right? Give me a break! No, I am not making this a political discussion. I am just saying, the shit you hear on the news is downright ridiculous at times…and now I am moving on from this to talk about happy things. Like fashion. And shopping. And workouts. And feeling aligned in these brand new crops I just purchased!

Since it is Wednesday, it’s time for me to showcase another one of my favorite workout items that is trending in my closet. The Lululemon “Align” series is, hands down, my favorite! The fabric is ridiculously comfortable – buttery soft “Nulu” fabric to be exact – and the various hem lengths are downright perfect. I have everything from the high rise “21 inch” crop, to the “23 inch,” to the “28 inch jogger.

FYI: Because I know you want to know this (ha!), I don’t do well in the “28 inch legging,” even thought this seems to be the style that offers all of the fun colors. It makes my legs look shorter than they already are and that is just no bueno.

I am sporting the “23 inch” in “True Navy,” but any of their 5+ colors (check online for sale items too) look fabulous! I am also a fan of the  21 inch” cropped but, as a heads up, these are online early. They are my go-to if you have an athletic figure like I do – I got ‘dem curves love – and, like I mentioned, you will just melt in them! 🙂

Cheers to it being mid week! Go be awesome, grab a glass of vino, and start grabbing a pair for yourself TODAY!


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