Feeling Casual Chic


Happy Friday Gorgeous! Omgosh, it’s MOVING DAY for me and let’s just say the one emotion I will be happy to say goodbye to is the added stress & overwhelming feeling of packing, unpacking, and so forth. Stay tuned to my Instastories as I give some behind the scenes today of the FUN! Ha! Did I mention I am so completely grateful for movers? Before I push on to what I am showcasing today, this is a friendly reminder that Mother’s Day is on Sunday (yes, 2 days loves), and if you are still looking for the PERFECT gift, make sure you check out a recent post I did on some of my favorites for all of the Mom’s in your life. Trust me, they are awesome! Now, let’s chat about feeling casual chic, and why I am quite smitten with this latest, versatile look that can take you from errands to happy hour!

In case you were wondering, feeling casual chic is a term that is used quite often. No, I cannot take credit for it BUT I can talk about why it is one of the more popular ensembles to date, especially in light of Covid. The goal is to mix more formal with informal, as well take your classic pieces and add some trendy ones too. I may have stretched these so called “rules” just a bit…and I LOVE IT.


I want to start with these adorable joggers that look like denim and have a fabulous daisy ruffle detail. See, that alone dresses these pants up! These are by the fabulous Generation Love purchased at one of my favorite, local boutiques – Mason Mayes. Actually, their Instagram inspired me so much that I paired it with the same top they showcased with it too. P.S. Their Instagram is one of the best! What I love about these joggers is not only are they comfortable, but they are more slim fit in nature which makes it a whole lot more feminine.


Next up, this Nation LTD short sleeved “Olivia” sweatshirt. I can’t even with these sleeves…LOVE, LOVE, LOVE. The detail gives this top a classy look and I think it is oh so flattering too! I have become a huge fan of this Los Angeles based brand, and their line of clothing is a perfect blend of feeling casual chic. Although this color is hard to find right now, they have a beautiful “cornsilk” that is downright gorgeous for this time of year. FYI: Puffy sleeves are all the rage!


Finally, a Denver based company that I have adored for well over a year – Cofi Genuine Leathers. My first pair of the “Holly Fashion Sneaker” was purchased at my go-to shoe store – Matava Shoes. My Mom loved my camo pair so much she went and purchased the same pair with the addition of gold foil throughout.

After a recent peek at the site, I fell head over heels for the Holly Fashion Sneaker in Rose Gold White!  I had this outfit in mind when I saw them and just knew it would give the joggers & sweatshirt the finishing touch I had wanted. In addition, I needed a fabulous bag to give it life. When I saw the “Mollie Cross-body Convertible Clutch” came in the same color pattern, I was sold! Btw, this can be used 2 different ways; while I show it is a crossbody, it can fold into a clutch. You can dress this look up even more!

Feeling casual chic is super easy, and super fun too! While I love getting dressed up, this is an easy way to transition from morning to evening and looking fabulous in the process!

Here’s to a wonderful Friday, and a lovely Mother’s Day weekend! Give your Mom my best and I hope whatever you do you honor her all day, everyday!



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