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Holiday Weekend Vibes


Happy Labor Day Monday love and, okay, how is it already September 3rd? I hope your long, Holiday weekend has been nothing short of FABULOUS!

To be honest, I feel like I have been in a constant state of sleep deprivation this weekend, and maybe a l,fitness/?tags=Wellness%20Life,%20Fitnessittle wine haze too, LOL. Can you relate? 

The past few nights, I have gotten very little sleep due to staying up WAY past my bedtime and, in turn, needing to be up super early. I know my boyfriend gets a kick out of this, and gives me a hard time about it too (I poke fun at myself as well) but I have severe #grandmastatus. Most nights I am in bed before 9:00 pm, and up before the sun rises. When I deviate from this, I feel, totally, off my game but I, somehow, seem to rally. Couple that with dinner parties, barbecues, and day drinking and, well, I am sure you can guess how I am feeling.

All of that aside, it has been a lot of FUN, and a great change to my norm. That is what Holiday weekends are all about! No guilt or feeling like I have to start “fresh” post-Holiday. Yes, there has been some indulging but it’s the enjoyment around all of it that makes it worthwhile. Plus, I don’t do this everyday and, as long as consistency is in place, it is not hard to get right back in the swing of your routine (and maybe with a little more pep).

I kicked off last Thursday night consuming cocktails with a friend, picking my boyfriend up from the train station, catching up with his family, and then getting some much needed sleep (thank goodness because the rest of the weekend was less than up to par). Friday was spent waiting, patiently, in front of my computer for my baby to become LIVE, but was made all the better with cocktails and dinner with my boyfriend and parents. The rest of the weekend came with working, workouts, dinners & barbecues, fireworks, and just being with family.

And the yummy eats were SO ON POINT. I wish I had gotten some pics of the pulled pork brisket, and chicken that was served at my Uncle’s house last evening. Needless to say, the food got demolished!

Oh, and I think I have consumed more cheese and charcuterie in the last few days to last me until, well, next week! Hello best snack ever!

So, as I sit here drinking champagne (yes, way past coffee time), and noshing on more cheese (because why not), I feel so grateful for where I am in my life & process. It has been a long time coming but I, finally, feel I am on the path of really living a life that is “Fit4Janine.”

Cheers to an awesome week and, as I always say, living a life that is “Fit4You!”