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MAYO Please Have Your Attention?


Who would have EVER thought they would be hearing “that” word come out of my mouth – MAYO! Regardless of the ingredients, I never was a big mayo fan. My condiment of choice was, usually, ketchup, and, when I “grew up,” it just seemed like such a little kid spread. It was, then, I went for the more “sophisticated” mustard, and my palette for anything sweet changed. I feel like this could become a very controversial topic. 

With health and wellness being in the forefront, especially amongst foodies galore, it is no surprise that companies are getting on board with creating some of our nations favorite products with healthier, and tastier, options. While I tout many businesses who are following suit with the clean eating movement, THIS company in particular is one of my absolute favorites and is doing it RIGHT!

And, as a spoiler alert, you will be seeing me on their website in the coming weeks too! YASSS!

While it’s hard to believe Primal Kitchen has been around for 10+ years, I was introduced to them back in 2015. I was researching the latest food products & trends on the market, and I kept seeing their name come across my google searches. Couple this with food bloggers whom I follow that had nothing but the utmost praise & respect for their products, I knew I would be hooked.

I fell in love with the company’s philosophy (and, no, I am by no means on a Primal diet but I think Mark Sisson is a leader in the Primal/Keto field), their ingredients hit a “home run” in my books, and I was so intrigued that the same brand who had delicious salad dressings, mayo, cooking oils, etc., could also produce FANTASTIC collagen/protein bars, powders, and supplements. FYI: I have not tried their supplements but those I know who have used cannot say enough awesome things about them!

At that time, it was rare to see any Primal Kitchen items in stores. Everything had to be purchased online. Throw it forward to 2018 and, NOW, their product lines have expanded far and beyond, and you can find them in most major grocery and health food establishments. Additionally, Primal Kitchen restaurants are opening up all along the West Coast. 

While you cannot go wrong with ANY of the items they offer, here are the products that are I think are awesome! What I love about their dressings and mayo is that they are all made with Avocado Oil, Whole 30 approved, Paleo friendly, soy and canola free, cage free eggs, and sugar free! They really do fit the need of any lifestyle!

I am anxious to try their new Protein Bars BUT, I was a little late to the party. They are SOLD OUT already! Seriously, that is how freaking awesome their “stuff” is, and how quick it flies off the shelves. Oh, and I will also admit that I may just have to try their Ketchup and Mustard too 🙂

Primal Kitchen’s commitment to wholesome and excellence is one of the absolute best. It has been so awesome watching their success, and the growth they have had over the past few years. I cannot wait to be part of their “family” (again, stay tuned) and promote their yumminess!


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