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I’ve Got That Italian “Sparkle!”


Actually, I have absolutely no Italian in me! I am 50% Polish (and then some) behind a combination of English, Irish, Welsh, and German. While it, totally, makes sense, I still get find it funny when people tell me I have a very European look. How are you doing on this fine Wednesday? The weather in Baltimore has been down-right shitty and, today, it is COLD with a layer of snow upon waking up. At least there will be some sunny skies; the rain the last 2 days have just made it blah but, in some ways, Holiday-ish. Super pumped to be talking some bubbly that I recently tried at an excellent Italian restaurant in Baltimore, Cosima. While it came down to trying a “Prosecco” like varietal, and one the that was more along the lines of champagne I, actually, chose the one that resembled that of Prosecco. Kind of shocking – I mean, adore both – but there is just something about champagne that makes me feel “lit up like a crystal ball!” In any event, “Folius” had my heart that evening, and gave me that Italian sparkle!


Since not in my wheelhouse, I had to do a little research on this one. The Italian varietals I am not as well versed in but I love learning about NEW wines or, in this case, and Italian sparkle. I don’t know, that just sounds so much better than Italian bubbly. Here are some of the deets!

Producer: Cantina del Taburno

Made In: Campania, Provence of Benevento

Appellation: Sannio

Vineyard: A selection of southeast facing vineyards in the Taburno area

Fun Fact: Cantina del Taburno transformed Campania into a region known for creating high-end indigenous wines


“Folius” was named after the village, Foglianise, where the winery is located. 

Tasting Notes: Vibrant, complex, elegant, fruit forward, and extra dry; aromas of tropical fruits, golden apple, and white flower are balanced with minerality and finesse.

Pairing: This wine is so versatile it can be part of a meal, as an apertif, or stand alone. It pairs beautifully with white fish and other seafood based dishes too!

I, actually, paired with a lovely charcuterie and spicy mussel and pancetta, followed by a phenomenal lamb shank. Still thinking about that meal, and still thinking about these fabulous coupe glasses that were the size of my face! And, coupled with my blouse, and Italian sparkle was happening all night!

Janine Couple Glass

If you are in and around Baltimore, definitely, go check out Cosima for a delightful dining experience that “highlights the fresh Mediterranean cuisine of Sicily and captures the authentic essence of traditional Southern Italian flavors!”