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Keeping It Zipped Up


Hey there! How are you? Hope you are staying home, staying healthy, and staying safe. It is some crazy times we are living in right now, huh? Although I feel like a broken record, I am a firm believer on trusting the process, and staying informed, but not letting the media throw you into complete hysteria. It is as though it is a competition to see who can scare us the most! Let’s switch gears and focus on something other than what is happening in the world! It is Wednesday, and it’s my LAST WEEK to showcase some of my favorite go-to workout pieces. Boo! Today, it is all about keeping it zipped up!

Speaking of working out, I know my workouts are staying semi consistent, but they are short, sweet and I can get on with my day. I am SUPER EXCITED to share that, starting next Monday, March 30th, the other business I (co)own, 2 Health Nuts, will be starting enrollment for our 8-Week Online Wellness Program! Follow on Facebook and Instagram for a few “sneak peek” posts, and I will make sure to keep you in the loop on how you can register NEXT WEEK!

As I was saying, today, it is all about keeping it zipped up. Yup, I am talking about about my closet full of Lululemon jackets & hoodies. I admit, the jacket I am showcasing in this picture is a few years old – I LOVE IT – BUT I have so many different varieties that I thought I would simply link here for you to peruse and to decide which is “Fit4You.”


And, of course, as I am looking, I am seeing a whole lot of other fabulous NEW finds that I may have to put in my cart. The colors for Spring are just fabulous! But, if you are looking to get a deal, there is so much on sale too!

So, you ready to take a peek at some of my favorites?!?!

Another Mile Jacket

Define Jacket

Pack It Down Jacket

Scuba Hoodie Light Cotton Fleece

Here’s to another Wednesday; yes, a very different one, but we are all in this together!


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