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A Tie Dye For Workout Tee


Are you the same as me? Not wanting to put the news on anymore? Ah, talk about a CRAZY and, yes, unprecedented time, and my heart goes out to all of these small businesses that rely on the day to day sales to keep their doors open, keep merchandise flowing, and, especially, being able to pay their employees (let alone all of their other expenses). I was chatting with one business owner the other day who said she is in the process of putting together her E-Commerce site. It was definitely, NOT, the direction she ever wanted to go, or part of her business model, but it is the way of the world right now. Before I share with you today’s ESSENTIAL tie dye for workout tee, I want to make sure you are following me on ALL my social media.

Before I get into what I am touting on this “Workout Wednesday,” please make sure to follow me on ALL of my social media networks, specifically It is on my Facebook & Instagram (both handles are @janineserioofficial) as well as, here, on my blog, where I will be sharing ALL of my go-to establishments in Baltimore who are either moving solely online for the time being, offering curbside delivery, and/or are by appointment only. Now, more than ever, we need to support and shop small!

Okay, let’s get after it on this “Workout Wednesday,” and this includes working out at home AND online shopping! One of my NEW favorites – a “tie dye for workout tee” from Lululemon called the the “Train To Be Short” Short Sleeve top. While they come in a handful of colors, this “Shibori” style was right up my alley! Fun, a little funky, and just gets you excited to workout, right? One could say it is “tie-dye for!” I know, I am here all week!

Want to check them out for yourself? Click HERE find out more and how you can purchase!

Here is to staying healthy, and supporting the economy too! And, if you are looking to find some quick and effective at-home workouts, check out 2 Health Nuts!

Uh huh, I wear many hats…?

Happiest of Wednesday’s!


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